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PAGE Foundation Scholarships

PAGE Foundation Scholarships are awarded to eligible PAGE members who aspire to become teachers or to veteran teachers seeking to advance their academic careers. Applicants are scored on the basis of academic achievement and recommendations, as well as written essays. Each scholarship is a one-time cash award of $500, $1,000, or $1500 payable to the recipient’s college or university.

About the Scholarships

The PAGE Foundation has assisted with the cost of higher education since 1986.

Scholarships Offered

The PAGE Foundation provides scholarships to teachers, support personnel and college and high school students.

Scholarship Timelines

Ready to apply? Learn more about the scholarship deadlines and other important information.

Scholarship FAQs

Have a question about PAGE Foundation scholarships? We've compiled a list of answers.

Scholarship Recipients

The PAGE Foundation congratulates the winners of the 2024 PAGE Foundation Scholarships Program. All applications were reviewed by a panel of judges.

2024 Scholarship Recipients Announced


The 2024 scholarships process has concluded. 16 PAGE Members and a recent high school graduate have been identified as this year’s scholarship recipients.

The list of this year’s winners have been posted to the Scholarship Recipients page of this website.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

2025 Scholarship Application Process

The 2025 PAGE Foundation Scholarship applications will be available before the end of Fall Semester 2024. Applications are due back to the PAGE Foundation Scholarship office in the spring. The details are available on each application.

Please visit the Scholarships Offered page for more details. and to download an application.

Scholarships are awarded to PAGE members who are veteran educators, paraprofessionals and college students. Additionally we award two scholarships to high school students who are interested in getting education degrees.

Ready to apply for a PAGE Foundation Scholarship?

Contact PAGE Foundation Scholarships

Michelle Crawford, Coordinator
PAGE Foundation Scholarships

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