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PAGE Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship FAQs

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Q: How much is the award for a PAGE Foundation Scholarship?

A:  Most scholarships are a one-time award of $1,000 or $1,500 payable to the winner’s college or university. Some scholarships may be a one-time award of $500.  If you are selected as a recipient, your scholarship funds will be sent directly to your college.  We regret that we are unable to make the payment directly to the winner.

Q: Who can apply for a PAGE Foundation Scholarship and what scholarships are offered?

A:  Each applicant must be a member of PAGE and pursuing an education degree or teacher certification, or a high school senior planning to pursue a career in teaching.  For more specific information, visit the “Scholarship Timelines” page.

Q: Are there scholarships for high school seniors?

A:  Yes. There are currently two scholarships available to high school seniors who plan to pursue a career as a teacher. However, most of the PAGE Foundation scholarships are for individuals who are already enrolled in a teacher preparation program (rising college juniors, seniors, or graduate students) or who are already teaching.

Q: When should I apply?

A:  Applications are due in April and in May (depending on which scholarship you are eligible for), and funds are available to winners the following school year.  For more specific information, select the “Scholarship Timelines” page. Applicants should note that a transcript must be submitted with your application, so please allow ample time for your college registrar to process your transcript request. (High School applicants do not have a transcript requirement.)

Q: Where can I get an application?

A:  Applications are available on this website at some point during Fall Semester through May every year.

Q: What if I am eligible for more than one PAGE Foundation Scholarship?  Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

A:  Yes, but you will submit only one application.  During the application process you will select all of the scholarships for which you are eligible.

Q: What transcript should I submit?

(High School applicants do not have a transcript requirement.)

A:  Please submit your most recent, cumulative transcript. An unofficial copy is acceptable.

  • If you are an undergraduate student please send us your most recent cumulative transcript.

  • If you are a graduate student and have completed at least one semester in your current program, please submit that transcript.

  • If you are a graduate student and are just beginning a program of study you must send a cumulative transcript from your last program of study.

Q:  When should I request my transcript?

A:  Please allow ample time for your college registrar or transcript service to process your request.  Do not wait for the end of a semester.  If you wait for your end of spring semester transcript you will miss the scholarship application deadline.  Late applications will not be scored.

Q:  How do I submit my transcript?

A:  There are three ways you may submit your transcript:

  • Include your transcript with the rest of your completed application. (recommended)

  • Your college’s registrar or transcript service may send your transcript electronically to the PAGE Foundation Scholarship Program at:

  • If needed: You may have your transcript mailed directly to the PAGE Foundation Scholarship Office at: PAGE Foundation Scholarship Program, PO Box 937, Young Harris GA 30582.

Q:  If my transcript is sent separately, when does it need to arrive?A:  All transcripts must meet the same deadlines as the rest of your application.

  • Transcripts sent via postal service must be received in the PAGE Foundation office by the end of business on May 30.

  • Transcripts sent via email must be received by May 30.

If a transcript is late it will cause your application to be considered incomplete – no exceptions.  Incomplete applications will not be scored.  The PAGE Foundation can not be held responsible for lost mail, email delivery failure, or a delay in your college registrar or transcript service processing your transcript request.  We recommend you include your transcript with the rest of your completed application.

Please allow ample time for your transcript request to be processed and sent.

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