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Your Independent Educator Association:

Nearly Five Decades of Service to Georgia Educators

The Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) was established in May 1975 to offer all Georgia educators an independent, non-partisan association free of national affiliation, political endorsements, and positions on non-education issues. From its inception, the PAGE commitment has been to be a Georgia-focused association of educators for educators.

From a roster of just 432 diverse educators from many roles and backgrounds that first year, PAGE steadily grew from its metro Atlanta base to include membership from all over the state. At the end of its first decade, membership was about 9,500. Then, in response to expanded services, support, and recruitment, PAGE experienced rapid increases over the next 10 years to reach 32,500 members. Today, at more than 93,000 members, PAGE is overwhelmingly the state’s largest educator association providing the most comprehensive benefits. PAGE also is the largest independent educator association in the United States.

In 2025, PAGE will celebrate 50 years of serving educators and advocating for teachers, students, and public education. The organization’s existence and growth weren’t assured when it welcomed its first members. Founding Member and President Paul Copeland noted in a 20-year retrospective article in PAGE One magazine that starting a new association from nothing faced many challenges in recruiting members. Among the top issues were going against the status quo of the dominate nationally affiliated organization, a perception that an alternative association would lessen educators’ voice in Georgia, and that PAGE was a metro Atlanta organization. Through the determined effort of those early leaders and members, the association continued outreach throughout Georgia with its mission to support and advocate for teachers in a positive way to build professional capacity, support public education, and grow the profession.

PAGE services and staff increased with membership. An in-house Legal Department became an important resource for members to gain critical support for employment-related issues and professional guidance. The association added a Legislative Department to more actively engage lawmakers and representatives of state agencies. Membership Services Representatives were hired to provide regional support and build relationships with members and school districts in their area.

As PAGE membership grew, the association sought ways to encourage learning, provide scholarships, and grow the teacher pipeline. The PAGE Foundation was founded and began awarding scholarships to encourage educators to pursue advanced degrees. That focus also resulted in establishing or administering several student programs – Academic Bowl, Georgia Academic Decathlon, and STAR (Student Teacher Academic Recognition). College students were added to membership. Future Georgia Educators (FGE) was initiated to encourage high school students to join the ranks of educators as a career. Each of these initiatives continues as major parts of PAGE’s work. Professional Learning began to assist educators in many areas, from certification test preparation and early career support to leadership development. 

PAGE continues to seek new ways to provide individual benefit to members. During the pandemic, PAGE began offering $100,000 each year in Educator Grants. And, beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, PAGE Coaching offers confidential one-on-one guidance to members experiencing challenging career issues.

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