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PAGE College Services

PAGE College Services Representative at presentation to college of education students

What does PAGE College Services provide?


PAGE staff attorneys have nearly 80 years of combined legal experience. Add to that the vast experience of our 40+ network attorneys, and you have a powerful resource for preventing legal issues. Each year PAGE attorneys present more than 400 information sessions on Georgia’s Code of Ethics for Educators, including presentations to teacher candidates on college and university campuses. These sessions, designed to help you learn the lesser-known legal pitfalls and how to avoid them, have been developed from years of representing PAGE and Student PAGE members and from attending each meeting of the Professional Standards Commission. More legal experience and guidance from our knowledgeable attorneys means fewer legal problems for you.


PAGE College Service Representatives provide training to preservice teacher candidates on college and university campuses across the state. PAGE developed the “Career Launch” session following conversations with employers throughout Georgia about what they seek in teacher candidates. You will learn how to build a professional resume, highlight work experience even when applying for a first professional job, prepare for TKES-aligned interview questions, correlate your strengths to needs of specific school districts, and avoid common interview mistakes.

The equally popular “Teaching 411” session prepares teacher candidates for their first year. PAGE asked novice teachers what they wish they had known when they started out. We then developed this learning module covering topics such as tiered certification, school funding, contracts, the role of the local BOE, impact of state legislation, retirement, and benefits. We cover the nuts and bolts about how public schools operate and how that impacts teachers. Because knowing what to expect increases confidence that you are ready for the work ahead.


Your college membership in PAGE makes you eligible to apply for our PAGE Teacher Candidate Scholarships. Since 1986, the PAGE Foundation has invested more than $400,000 in financial assistance to students who have distinguished themselves academically and through their service within the field of education. For more information visit the scholarships section of our website.


PAGE values your commitment to Georgia students and families. We offer the best value to you in the form of comprehensive services at an affordable price. Certified educators receive the full benefits of professional membership in PAGE for less than $15 per month. And, your college membership makes you eligible to get your first year of professional membership at half price. Be sure to upgrade your membership after you graduate and enjoy the best value and benefits of any educator association in Georgia.

Unmatched Legal + Liability Protection

For only $15 per year, your college membership in PAGE gives you $1 million liability insurance and free access to Georgia’s most knowledgeable education attorneys. Our in-house, full-time legal team will handle your legal and certification issues in a positive, professional and confidential manner, without fanfare or publicity. All conversations are protected by attorney/client privilege. Click here for more information about your PAGE legal coverage.

Get in Touch with PAGE College Services 

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