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Future Georgia Educators

Welcome to FGE!  As the state’s largest professional organization for educators, PAGE is proud to sponsor Future Georgia Educators.  Our goal is to help identify, recruit, prepare and retain the next generation of Georgia’s teachers.

Benefits of Chapter Affiliation

  • Discounted Registration for FGE Days

  • Competitions at FGE Days

  • Scholarships for Members and Advisors

  • Posters and T-Shirts

Services for FGE Chapters & Education Pathway Classes

  • FGE Days

  • FGE Knowledge Bowl at FGE Days

  • Legal/Liability Coverage for Ed Pathway Students

  • Speakers from PAGE

Explore our pages with the links below.

About FGE

FGE State Competition

FGE Starter Guide


FGE Chapter Affliation

FGE Knowledge Bowl

Request a Speaker for Your Education Pathway Class

FGE Email List


High School Membership

Suggested Activities by Month

FGE Logos

FGE Competitions

FGE How To Start a Chapter

Suggested Activities and Fundraisers by Category

Get in Touch with PAGE Future Georgia Educators

770-216-8555 (option 3)

800-334-6468 (option 3)

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