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Future Georgia Educators

FGE How To Start a Chapter

Students at a virtual reality workshop during a Future Georgia Educators (FGE) Day

APPROVALS – Obtain any necessary approvals from the school administration.

ADVISOR – Identify one (or more) teacher(s) in the school who would be willing to be the chapter advisor(s). Selecting the best possible chapter advisor is critical to the success of the chapter.  It is recommended that this person be a faculty member who is enthusiastic about the profession, a positive role model and an exemplary leader.  The chapter advisor is not required to be a member of PAGE or any particular professional organization.

AFFILIATION – Affiliation is the first step official step to establishing your new chapter.  This is how to begin receiving information from the state office.   State affiliation is available through PAGE and is “chapter-based,” meaning each chapter pays only $30 per year.  Newly affiliated state chapters will receive an electronic FGE Starter Guide.  To access online affiliation select “FGE Chapter Affiliation” from the menu on the FGE home page (click here to access the page).

ACTIVITIES – The FGE Starter Guide (see link at left) addresses many topics including how to start a chapter, developing a yearly action plan and activity program and ideas.  Additional information and suggestions are available on this FGE website (see  menu at left).

ATTENDANCE – Each year PAGE hosts a number of “FGE Days” on college campuses across the state. Plan to attend at least one.  While not mandatory, these events offer additional opportunities and support for chapters.  There are registration discounts for state-affiliated chapters.  Click here to learn more.

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