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Future Georgia Educators

FGE Knowledge Bowl

Students at a virtual reality workshop during a Future Georgia Educators (FGE) Day

FGE Knowledge Bowl

A fun, interactive way to test students’ knowledge of their Education Pathway Curriculum and the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators! Your school has the opportunity to enter up to two teams (limit three students per team) to compete in the FGE Knowledge Bowl at FGE Day!

Competition Purpose

In this competition students must demonstrate their familiarity with and understanding of their education pathway (TAP or ECE) curriculum and Georgia’s Code of Ethics for Educators. Questions will be drawn from sections of the ECE and TAP curricula that overlap (human development, education professional organizations, education ethics, etc.). This competition requires students to demonstrate knowledge of pathway content and to think about an ethical issue and employ critical-thinking skills to assess the situation in light of the standards in the Code of Ethics.

To participate, students must first thoroughly study the Code of Ethics and the Knowledge Bowl Study Guide. Working as a team, they will then participate in a live quiz-bowl type competition at FGE Day, utilizing Kahoot!, an Internet-based, digital classroom response system.This competition is cross-walked with the following Education and Training Career Cluster Knowledge and Skill Statements: ESSO3, ESS04, ESS07, ESS08, EDC03, and EDC08.

Click here to learn more about guidelines and judging.

Click here to view the study guide.

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