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PAGE Virtual Professional Learning Catalog

High School TAP – Explorations

High School TAP – Explorations is tailored specifically for high school students (and their TAP or ECE teachers) who are involved in education pathway courses. This pipeline–based course consists of more than 25 lessons, with nearly 90 prompts prepared as discussion and project starters, leading future teachers to consider many important concepts that are embedded in teaching as a profession.

TAP teachers are encouraged, but not required, to participate in a one–to–one video call with our course designers where the teacher can view portions of the course in advance, ask questions, and discuss the flexibility of course material. Course lessons are intended to serve as a guide and a starting point, with the expectation that a great teacher will adjust the material to best serve their students. 

Course content is aligned with ETP, CIE, and TAPP standards as of the end of the 2023-2024 school year. (Details are in the course on Lesson 2.)

Impact 101

You've thought about "the one thing" you want to bring to your classroom, school, or district, but you haven't had time to get a plan together. Impact 101 will set you on a trajectory to get "the one thing" done. Whatever "the one thing" means is up to you. Impact 101 will help you get there!

Uplift 1.0

Thank you, great educator! Awaiting you are 29 unique and encouraging posts, delivered through a mix of video, audio, still images, documents, and blog posts, with each lesson typically requiring less than four minutes to read or view.

Uplift 2.0

The sole purpose of Uplift! 2.0 is to offer encouragement to great educators.

Uplift 3.0

Uplift! 3.0 is another opportunity inside PAGE’s Uplift! series, designed with a message of gratitude for the highly meaningful work that great educators do. You do make a difference!

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