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Impact 101



Participants at PAGE profeessional learning event

You've thought about "the one thing" you want to bring to your classroom, school, or district, but you haven't had time to get a plan together. Impact 101 will set you on a trajectory to get "the one thing" done.

Chart your own path in this professional learning experience where YOU decide what to focus on. Community, creativity, and customization are emphasized in this course – where everyone is working on something different while using the same frameworks to help each other accomplish their goals.

Wondering what Impact 101 can help you take from concept to reality? Here are some ideas:

  • Start a program to help welcome new students to your school.

  • Create a structure for peer-to-peer classroom visits and meaningful feedback.

  • Develop a system to help students resolve conflict.

Whatever "the one thing" means is up to you. Impact 101 will help you get there!

Questions? Contact David Reynolds at

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