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Student Teacher Academic Recognition (STAR)

Student and Teacher Guidelines and Qualifications

A view of the PAGE State STAR award

The PAGE STAR program does not advise parents or students regarding aspects of the SAT testing program. All questions regarding selection or registration for the SAT should be addressed to local school officials (typically the school counselor or advisor).

The online PAGE STAR Nomination Form must be completed by an appropriate school official, usually the senior counselor, and submitted by the specified deadline date.  In late September, counselors and principals are sent the website address and instructions for entering PAGE STAR Student and STAR Teacher nominations.

PAGE STAR student nominees must satisfy all of the following requirements:

To be nominated for STAR Student, the nominees must satisfy all of the following requirements:

1) Be a legally enrolled senior in an accredited Georgia public or private high school. The school must be accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC), Cognia and/or the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council (GAPSAC).

  • A legally enrolled senior is a student who has registered and been accepted as a student in the school and will graduate with the current senior class.

  • Seniors who are jointly enrolled in high school and college are eligible for STAR honors if all other requirements are met. (College and high school grades are averaged to determine rank.)

  • Seniors who complete graduation requirements prior to the end of the school year and who will graduate with the current year’s graduating class are eligible for STAR honors if they meet other requirements.NOTE: The STAR Program is designed to recognize high school seniors who have the highest SAT score in their graduating class and meet all the other program requirements. How many classes a student takes off campus or how involved the student is with extra-curricular activities at the school is irrelevant in determining the school’s STAR Student.

2) Take the two-part SAT on any national testing date through the November testing date.Important: For the last acceptable SAT test date in November for the current PAGE STAR program see page 1 in the STAR manual.

3) Score highest on any single test date (scores may not be combined from two or more test dates). Nominees’ SAT scores must be equal to or higher than the SAT national average scores on the Evidence Based Reading and Writing: 520 and Math: 508.

4) At the end of their junior year, based on GPA, be in the top 10 percent or be among the top 10 students numerically, whichever category provides the largest number of eligible students.

  • A student must meet the “top 10” requirement based on cumulative high school (grades nine through 11) grade point average numerically computed by utilizing the system normally utilized by the school. Calculation should be on cumulative grades through the junior year.

  • If the student with the highest SAT score does not meet the top 10 criterion, the student with the next highest SAT score who does meet the criterion becomes the nominee.

5) TIES at the high school, system and region levels are permitted. For example, if two or more students in a high school, system or region have identical SAT scores and meet all other requirements, all are STAR Students for that school, system, or region.


  • Independent school winners will compete in the public school system in which the independent school is geographically located.

Competition Levels

  • High School STAR Students compete for system titles.

  • System STAR Students in turn compete for region-wide honors in the 12 STAR Regions.

  • Region STAR students compete for State PAGE STAR Student.

  • STAR Teachers move up in the competition with their STAR Students.


Teacher Guidelines & Qualifications

The STAR Teacher is selected by the declared high school STAR Student for having made the most significant contribution to the STAR Student’s scholastic development.

Criteria and Clarification

1) The teacher must be a present or former contractually employed classroom teacher (Pre K through 12th grade) of the STAR Student and currently employed, retired or left the teaching profession in good standing from a professional position in a Georgia school system accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC), Cognia and/or the Georgia Private School Accreditation Council (GAPSAC).

2) A teacher, having taught the student in a Georgia school, who is now teaching in another Georgia school system or who has moved to another state may be selected.

3) A teacher must have taught the student a classroom subject that appears in the curriculum and for which the student received credit (may include band, P.E.). It may not be an activity that is just posted as “having participated in” on the student’s academic record.

4) An administrator, librarian/media specialist, counselor, etc., who has actually taught the student a classroom subject may be selected if the individual is currently employed by a Georgia school system in one of these positions or is officially retired from same or who has left the teaching profession in good standing.

5) A parent who meets all the criteria may be selected. The parent must have taught his or her child as a student in an accredited school.

6) An advisor, coach or mentor to a group may not be selected unless the advisor, coach or mentor has actually taught the student a classroom subject.

7) A Military Science (ROTC) instructor who is a contractual teaching faculty member holding at least a bachelor’s degree and who actually teaches in the classroom may be selected.

8) A vocational-technical teacher may be selected if he or she is certified by the state and is contractually employed as a member of the teaching faculty.

9) A college professor or vocational teacher may be selected if a student takes a dual enrollment class, and that course is included as part of their GPA/transcript.

10) A paraprofessional or tutor may not be selected.

  • A current paraprofessional who is a retired Georgia teacher who has previously taught the student as a contractual teaching member of a faculty may be selected.

  • A currently employed contractual teacher who previously worked with a student as a paraprofessional but has not subsequently taught the student may not be selected.

11) A deceased teacher, who left the teaching profession because of illness and subsequent death, may be selected providing the teacher met the qualifications previously stated.

12) A teacher who is on a written contractual professional or medical (including maternity) leave of absence may be selected.

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