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PAGE Grants at Work in Douglas County Classroom

PAGE Educator Grant winner

PAGE GRANTS AT WORK IN THE CLASSROOM: Such a joy when we get a first-hand view of PAGE Educator Grants making a positive difference for students. South Douglas Elementary School’s Thomas Bruno, right, a SY 2023-2024 recipient, utilized grant funds to purchase books for the South Douglas Elementary School school’s Reading and Sports Club which encourages reading, sports, and overall physical and academic activity by building excitement about books among students who excel in sports but are reluctant readers while simultaneously encouraging book lovers to be more physically active. Club members read books for the first half of the meeting and play sports during the second half. The students are loving the books purchased with the PAGE grant!

In the photo with Bruno is PAGE Membership Services Representative Bob Heaberlin.

Each year, PAGE awards up to $100,000 as individual $500 grants to members throughout the state. Are you a PAGE member who is interested in applying next year? Applications will open fall semester 2024. Stay tuned to PAGE social media, email, and PAGE One for announcements.

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