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Georgia Academic Decathlon

GAD Dates and Registration

2023-2024 Calendar (tentative)

September 15 – GAD Fall Workshop @ KSU Center

October 6 – GAD Staff Competition Coordinators’ planning meeting

October 15 – Season Registration Deadline

November 2-11 – Scrimmage Test (Round 1)

January 5-16 – District-level Competition (Round 2)

January 12 – GAD Staff Competition Coordinators’ Planning Session

January 16 – Deadline to submit Wild Card score sheets

January 17 – Notification to teams: Wild Card Invitational

January 26 – All teams competing at state must have Roster submitted

February 1 – State Competition Registration Deadline 

February 5-6 – Mandatory login practice with online system

February 7-8 – Online Essay and Art Events for State Competition

February 22-24 – State Competition (Round 3)

March 15 – GAD Staff Competition Coordinators: Debriefing Meeting

April 25-27 – USAD National Competition in Pittsburgh PA (Round 4)

May 5 – GAD Honor Cord orders due (links to online store)

2023-24 Season Registration Memo

The 2023-2024 season of PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon is here, and PAGE wants your school to participate! Thanks to PAGE’s support, the registration fee remains at only $200 per district. Please submit the online Season REGISTRATION FORM for participation in the 2023-2024 Georgia Academic Decathlon by October 15. No refund can be given to a school/district withdrawing after October 31. (If you are registering more than one school you will be asked to upload or email a spreadsheet/document of all your schools instead of entering them online.)

NEW ESSAY RUBRIC! USAD has developed a new Essay rubric to assist our judges in their job of scoring our decathlete’s essays. Additionally, if you would like to participate in Essay during Round 2 but don’t have your own judges, USAD can score for $5 per essay. If you are interested, please contact the State Director ASAP. Click here to download the rubric.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO: About 10 years ago, we produced a promotional video that can be used to recruit coaches, and explain decathlon to administration, parents and prospective decathletes. The video is a little dated, but the main information is still relevant today:

Additionally, USAD has three videos posted in the footer section of their website which can also be used to promote Academic Decathlon.

GAD FALL WORKSHOP: Friday, September 15 – Our collegiate partner, Kennesaw State University, hosts our Fall Workshop for coaches, coordinators, and decathletes.  Sessions will be offered for many of the decathlon events and they will be designed for members of your team to gain information on the curriculum topic as well as other aspects of competition.  The workshop is free for adults and $20 for each decathlete. The registration deadline is noon on August 29th. All the information can be found on the Fall Workshop page.

PLEASE NOTE: Information about Academic Decathlon, the curriculum topics, and how to order curriculum materials can be found on the United States Academic Decathlon website You are encouraged to check the website often for information and curriculum updates. Click here to see a topical outline of the 2023-2024 curriculum.

USAD 2023-2024 CURRICULUM: Curriculum outlines and the Study Guide for 2023-2024 are available on the USAD website. The curriculum for this year is Technology & Humanity. Please check the USAD website ( for a complete listing of curriculum materials. If you have not ordered your curriculum materials, you should do so right away. Check the USAD website for information regarding curriculum updates. Check the PAGE GAD website ( for information about the PAGE GAD academic year.

ACADEMIC ELECTIVE: Each year a few more schools and school districts are able to offer the Academic Decathlon curriculum through an academic elective course. This is a rich and challenging curriculum that should be made available to a larger group of students than the nine students that typically make up your GAD team. This year’s curriculum theme would be a great theme for an independent study class, a guided study, or any number of other possible classes. The USAD curriculum has been coordinated with Common Core Standards.

Georgia Academic Decathlon is looking forward to working with teams during the 2023-2024 academic year. We hope to see all coaches, district-level coordinators, and decathletes at the 2024 Fall Workshop.


Michelle Crawford

GAD State Director


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