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Future Georgia Educators

Knowledge Bowl Study Guide

Students at a virtual reality workshop during a Future Georgia Educators (FGE) Day
Competitors in the Knowledge Bowl will want to be familiar with the following:

Business Etiquette/Proper Use of Work Email

New category! Business etiquette rules 

and proper use of work email

General Knowledge

General knowledge we all learn in school!

Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators  

Be familiar with the standards and the definitions.

Click here to view the PSC Code of Ethics page

Child Development Theories

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 

Theories of human/child development

Skinner’s Classical Conditioning

Theory of Multiple Intelligences – Gardner

Ages and Stages of Child Development

Education Professional Organizations

Be familiar with major teacher organizations and unions.

American Federation of Teachers

Georgia Association of Educators

National Education Association

Professional Association of Georgia Educators 

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