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PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades

Academic Bowl FAQs

Students partcipating at PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades

Q: What grades are eligible to participate in the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades?

A: Students in sixth through eighth grade may participate in the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades.

Q: How many students may participate on a team?

A: Teams may consist of one to ten students, up to five students compete at a time (depending on buzzer systems).

Q: How many teams may my school send to Regional competition?

A: Only one team per school comprised of no more than ten students.

Q: How many schools may participate from one school district?

A: As many as wish to register.

Q: Does my system have a local play-off?

A: The PAGE Academic Bowl no longer requires school districts to hold local play-offs to determine their district representatives. Any school district that wishes to hold a local competition is welcome to do so, but the results of that competition are no longer required to determine which schools are allowed to register for the PAGE competition.

Q: What region is my school in?

A: Teams will be assigned to the most convenient, geographic region on a first-come, first-served basis after the registration deadline.  It is very important that you indicate your school district and Georgia county on the registration form so that we may assign schools to the correct region. The state coordinator reserves the right to reassign teams to a different region if necessary. Regions can and do change from year to year based on registrations and host locations.

Q: What topics are covered by the questions?

A: Academic Bowl participants will be asked questions from the following curriculum areas: English/Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies/History (including Georgia)/Geography, Current Events, Art/Music, Physical Education/Health. Additional questions will come from the area of computer science.

Q: Where can I get more practice questions?

A: You may order additional PAGE questions and see a list of outside vendors by visiting the Question Store and Vendors page.

Q: What about private schools?

A: Private schools are allowed to register one team each.

Q: Can I get a list of other schools in my geographic area that participate in Academic Bowl so that we can have scrimmages prior to Regionals?

A: Yes. Please email us at

Q: Are there any other tournaments in which my team can participate?

A: Yes.  Please visit the Georgia Academic Team Association website for more information about opportunities for your team to compete.

Q: Does each school need to have its own buzzer system?

A: No.  While it will improve your team’s chances of performing well at competition you do not have to have your own set of buzzers.  We request that every team bring their buzzer system to competition to ensure we have enough working systems to play.

Q: My school is interested in hosting a competition.  Can you give me some advice?

A: Sure.  Here are some of the basics: 

  1. Acquire and copy the questions – you can purchase questions or put a writing team together and write your own. 

  2. Solicit volunteers to act as readers, timers, etc.  Many times other teachers in your school will help or you can ask the other teams to bring at least one extra person to serve as a volunteer. 

  3. Mail or email information to the schools you are inviting.  Make the rules you are going to use available to them – you could download and use the PAGE Academic Bowl rules or any variation of them.  You can also find the NAQT rules at 

  4. Hold a training session for the volunteers.

If you have questions that weren’t answered here please email them to We will answer your question and add it to this page.


Michelle Crawford

Academic Bowl State Director


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