New Teacher Guide


As you step into your first professional role in education, be aware of the important place you will occupy in the lives of countless students in the years to come. Getting to know your students — their interests, hopes and dreams — will form the beneficial relationships that will allow you to give your best effort to their success. The Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) exists to help you on your career path, whether that began as a high school student in Future Georgia Educators or through Code of Ethics presentations during your college years. PAGE will be with you through your entire career as the premier educator and public education advocate in Georgia, a trusted legal advisor and support for professional growth.

As you grow as an educator, PAGE professional learning will support you to be the best educator possible. You’ll increasingly realize that education is subject to numerous changes in state and federal laws and policies. The number of education bills introduced in the Georgia General Assembly each year is staggering. Educators must monitor how proposed laws might affect them to effectively advocate in the best interest of students and the profession. Our highly respected PAGE legislative lobbyists keep you well informed with timely communications and ensure that we have a strong, professional voice on critical education issues in Georgia.

Protecting your career is more important than ever. Just as we insure other valuable assets, educators must insure their earning potential. PAGE offers the best in legal and liability protection. Our team of in-house staff attorneys and our network of attorneys throughout the state are accessible to our members quickly and easily. We are committed to protecting you so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best — educating Georgia’s children. We look forward to partnering with you on this incredible journey.