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Granting Opportunity: Lee County Member Receives PAGE Educator Grant

PAGE Educator Grant winner

GRANTING OPPORTUNITY: PAGE Educator Grants are helping members achieve goals with students and further their career pursuits. This week, PAGE Membership Services Representative Michele Dechman, right, presented a certificate to Lee County High School’s Paul Conger, middle, one of the SY 2023-2024 Educator Grant recipients. Pictured with them is Principal Mrs. Ginger Lawrence, left. Mr. Conger used grant money to purchase seven microscopes. Mr. Conger shared, “Microscopes are an essential part of any biology classroom, vital for examining life at the cellular level. Further, having microscopes for every lab team offers all students the opportunity to reach their academic potential through authentic hands-on learning experiences.” The grant-funded microscopes will impact 110 students this year and hundreds more to come. Each year, PAGE awards up to $100,000 as individual $500 grants to members throughout the state. Are you a PAGE member who is interested in applying next year? Applications will open fall semester 2024. Stay tuned to PAGE social media, email, and PAGE One for announcements.

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