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Granting Opportunity: Carroll County Educator Receives PAGE Educator Grant

PAGE Educator Grant winner

GRANTING OPPORTUNITY: PAGE Educator Grants are helping members achieve goals with students and further their career pursuits

PAGE Membership Services Representative Bob Heaberlin, right, presents a certificate to Mt. Zion High School’s Brigette Williams, left, one of the SY 2023-2024 Educator Grant recipients. Brigette utilized grant funds to purchase a Van De Graff Generator, which allows students to participate in the electrical process and gain a sensory understanding of how electricity is conducted.

Each year, PAGE awards up to $100,000 as individual $500 grants to members throughout the state. Are you a PAGE member who is interested in applying next year? Applications will open fall semester 2024. Stay tuned to PAGE social media, email, and PAGE One for announcements.

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