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Granting Opportunity: Atkinson County Member Helping Students Achieve Goals

PAGE Educator Grant winner

GRANTING OPPORTUNITY: PAGE Educator Grants are helping members achieve goals with students and further their career pursuits

PAGE Membership Services Representative Joy Robinson, right, presents a certificate to Atkinson County High School’s John Lindsey, left, one of the SY 2023-2024 Educator Grant recipients. With the aid of these new artwork pieces, Lindsey can demonstrate to students how geometric forms and mathematical concepts are applied in practical settings. By showcasing the works of painters like Carlos Merida, Frank Morrison, and Piet Mondrian, among others, the artwork also supports cultural diversity and helps with a variety of learning styles, critical thinking, creativity, and invention.

Photo 1: PAGE Membership Services Representative Joy Robinson (right) with John Lindsey (left). Photos 2 & 3: Grant-funded paintings. Photo 4: Lindsey with paintings.

Each year, PAGE awards up to $100,000 as individual $500 grants to members throughout the state. Are you a PAGE member who is interested in applying next year? Applications will open fall semester 2024. Stay tuned to PAGE social media, email, and PAGE One for announcements.

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