Unmatched Legal + Liability Protection

PAGE offers Georgia educators the best legal protection and professional liability insurance available. Each year
hundreds of PAGE members benefit from successful resolution of their legal situations. We handle legal issues in a positive, professional and confidential manner, without fanfare or publicity. Our members do not want undue publicity that can damage their case or their reputations. That’s why you rarely read or hear about PAGE members’ legal problems in the media. But we are there supporting our members.

Legal Concerns? Call PAGE First

When you have a problem or question that may have legal implications, make your first call to PAGE. Speaking to one of our in-house attorneys is the best way to avoid having a situation escalate into a legal problem. It is critical that you know your legal rights and responsibilities. Your membership with PAGE ensures that you will be informed without delay.

PAGE Legal Library & FAQ’s

PAGE staff attorneys are experts in Georgia education law. Peruse our Legal Library to learn more about your rights and responsibilities, including what you need to know about contracts, testing violations, fundraising, side jobs and more. 


The PAGE legal team is unparalleled in their knowledge of education law in Georgia. In addition to our in-house
staff of six full-time attorneys, PAGE has a statewide legal network of more than 40 lawyers.


Jill Hay
General Counsel & Director of Legal Services

Leonard Williams
Staff Attorney

Matthew Pence
Staff Attorney

Lauren Atkinson
Staff Attorney

Sean DeVetter
Staff Attorney

Tina Folsom
Staff Attorney