GAD State Competition

General Information

The PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon 2022 State Competition is currently scheduled as a hybrid competition. The Essay and Art events took place online on February 7-8. The remainder of the written tests will be administered online on Thursday, February 24 at students’ home schools. Super Quiz, Speech and Interview will take place in-person at Parkview High School on February 25-26.

Essay and Online Testing at State Competition

The Essay and Art practice login and testing takes place two or three weeks prior to competition. Coaches, be sure to read over ALL of the below instructions and everything we will email to you. Practice logins may take place any time from 8 a.m. Thursday, February 3 through 6 p.m. Friday, February 4. The Round 3/State Official Essay and Art test window will be open on Monday, February 7 and Tuesday, February 8 from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. We recommend you plan to test on Monday just in case there are any issues. The remainder of the Subject Area Tests are scheduled for Thursday, February 24.

Instructions, logins and passwords will be sent to District Coordinators and Coaches. District Coordinators and/or Coaches are responsible for making sure proctors and students have all of the necessary paperwork. Please give your IT department enough time to ensure that there will be no problems during testing.

The Coach CAN NOT Proctor the Essay/Art Competition. The Coach may assist with the practice login and should be present as the students are arriving and logging in on competition day but must LEAVE the room prior to testing. The Coach should be available to the Proctor in case of any questions and to sign the Proctor Certification Form after testing is completed.

There are no make-up dates for these tests. Any technical difficulties should be addressed by the proctor ASAP by calling one of the support numbers provided on the instructions.

Division Assignments

All schools advancing to state competition will be divided into two groups based on school enrollment: Division I (large), and Division II (small). The division assignments may vary from year to year based on a natural break between the teams advancing to state competition in any given year.

Following all competitive events at state competition, a championship team in each division will be identified. The division champion will be determined as the one with the highest total score for all ten events. The two team members having the highest score in each category (Honor, Scholastic, Varsity) will be counted into the team’s total score for all ten events.

The overall championship team is the division winner with the highest team score. This team will be crowned the State Champion and be the recipient of the Howard Stroud trophy. They will earn the privilege of representing Georgia at the USAD National Finals. The next highest scoring team in a different USAD division than the State Champion will be invited to participate in the USAD Division IV National Finals.

State Champion schools advancing to national competition will be divided into three divisions known as Division I (large), Division II (medium), and Division III (small). Team numbers and Division placement will be posted below after all teams have registered for State.

State Competition Registration Paperwork

State Competition Team Memo – Please read this memo carefully and in its entirety before proceeding.

  • Code of Student Conduct, Dress Code, General Rules – pgs 73-75 of State Competition section in Coaches Manual – Answers to many frequently asked questions can be found in these documents. Students will have to acknowledge that they’ve read these documents.

All of the forms that need to be returned are either online forms or have been uploaded as Word, .pdf or Excel documents. Save them to your computer, sign (e-signatures are allowed) and return them. Please type directly on the forms whenever possible.

These documents are due by January 31.

  • Team Registration – online form
  • Team Roster – Excel spreadsheet with 2 tabs – Save to your computer, then complete BOTH tabs, save again and email to State Director

These documents are due by February 4 or the date on the form.

State Competition Schedules

These have been updated for the 2022 State Competition.

2021-22 Round 2 Scores

These scores are based on only the 7 objective tests.

DistrictSchoolScore DistrictSchoolScore
+ClaytonElite Scholars Academy16,077+Muscogee AColumbus15,383
+Atlanta ANorth Atlanta14,897+Floyd AArmuchee14,783
+Muscogee BShaw14,474+Floyd BModel14,348
+Richmond ADavidson14,333+Muscogee CRainey-McCullers14,117
+DoughertyWestover13,814+Floyd CCoosa13,737
+Richmond BAR Johnson13,580+Richmond CAcad. of Richmond Co13,227
+Atlanta BJackson13,223+GISAHoly Innocents'*12,892
+CarrollVilla Rica12,582+Richmond DHephzibah12,455
AtlantaTherrell12,320+CatoosaLakeview-Ft. Oglethorpe*12,283
RichmondRichmond Tech Magnet11,655AtlantaDrew Charter11,561
MuscogeeHardaway10,750RichmondGlenn Hills*9,655
RichmondLaney9,211+ColquittColquitt Co*8,922
DoughertyDougherty Comp*6,708AtlantaMays*6,034

+ = Invited to State Competition.
* = Missing one or more scores.

2021-22 Round 1 Scores

The below teams participated in this year’s Round 1 Scrimmage. Round 1 consisted of only the 7 objective tests.

DistrictSchoolTeam Score
ClaytonElite Scholars Academy16,694
FloydModel HS15,508
CarrollVilla Rica HS15,357
RichmondAR Johnson Magnet15,105
IndependentHoly Innocents'14,863*
CatoosaLakeview-Ft. Oglethorpe HS14,357*
APSMaynard Jackson HS14,123
APSNorth Atlanta HS14,051
RichmondHephzibah HS12,543
DoughertyMonroe HS10,564*
FloydPepperell HS9,995
APSTherrell HS9,606*

* Missing one or more scores.