FGE Posters and T-Shirts

2019-2020 FGE Posters

A set of 4 posters (two 11 x 17 and two 8.5 x 11) are free with your paid affiliation.


2019-2020 FGE T-shirts

Available now through February 28. Delivery around March 17.

Shown in metro blue. Available in metro blue (regular fit only) and royal blue (available in regular fit, women’s fit, and long sleeve).

This year you can conveniently order directly from Custom Ink on our group order form at https://www.customink.com/g/rzx0-00c3-kv8b. Pay online using a credit card and have them shipped directly to you!

Exact cost varies, depending on how many you order. Expect to pay between $13-$17 per shirt. Once you put all your shirts in your shopping cart, you can see your exact total before tax.

  • Cost of t-shirt is $11.15 per shirt.  ($10.66 shirt + $0.49 per-item credit card processing fee). Note: 2XL and larger add $3.50 per shirt. Long sleeve, add $3.10 per shirt.
  • Shipping cost varies depending on the number of items in a single purchase: $4.99 to ship one item, $6.98 for 2 items, $8.97 for 3 items, and $9.99 for 4 or more items.
  • Applicable sales tax will be applied at check-out.

Sample purchase prices below were figured using the Atlanta sales tax rate. Find sales tax rate for your city here: http://www.sale-tax.com/Georgia_all. Custom ink will use the city of the shipping zip code you give them.

Expected delivery around March 17th.

Cool idea to wear to FGE Day or Educator Signing Day!!!