PAGE Coaching: The Help You Need When You Need It

Are you experiencing burnout and in need of support, resources, and strategies? PAGE Coaching can help.

Do you need insight to help refine classroom management plans or effectively counter disruptive behavior? PAGE Coaching can help.

Seeking proven strategies for dealing with parental complaints or concerns? PAGE Coaching can help.

Would you like information and assistance as you address challenging situations with students, peers, or administrators? PAGE Coaching can help.

Could you benefit from insight and encouragement as you consider growth opportunities and next-level career development? PAGE Coaching can help.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, or if you have other pressing concerns, you’ll want to take advantage of an exceptional benefit of PAGE membership: one-on-one professional coaching.

A unique, personalized service by educators for educators, PAGE Coaching is an exclusive members-only benefit available to you for as long as you maintain your PAGE membership.

And, because PAGE Coaching is completely confidential, you’ll be able to address even the most difficult and sensitive topics.

All PAGE coaches are experienced educators skilled at mentoring, counseling, conflict resolution, relationship building, and educator best practices. Areas of expertise include regular education, special education, and leadership.

At your request, PAGE will pair you with a professional coach for one-on-one sessions dedicated to assisting with your specific challenge. You’ll meet virtually to identify foundational issues. Your coach will then work with you to determine next actions to effectively address those issues.

PAGE Coaching supports and empowers you by providing the assistance you need when you need it. It’s available in all areas of the state. It’s completely confidential. And, most importantly, it works.

From a member who completed PAGE Coaching during the program pilot:

“The PAGE coaching experience has been a tremendous asset to me. The guidance and wisdom shared has benefited me regarding instruction, communication, and relationship skills, especially with coworkers and administration. I cannot thank my coach enough. Not only was she professional, but she was also supportive and uplifting during a time when I needed it most. I appreciate and recommend this service to anyone struggling in education.”

From a few PAGE coaches regarding pilot program successes:

“After completing the sessions, a member indicated that, as a result of the support provided by PAGE Coaching, she will remain in the education profession rather than leave as she had been contemplating doing.”

“While participating in PAGE Coaching, a member was able to prepare for upcoming job interviews. With support from the PAGE Coach, the member successfully interviewed and was offered a teaching position in the preferred grade level of choice.”

 “I worked very closely with a member who was questioning whether teaching was a path for her after a dismal first year. She was very pleased with the PAGE coaching experience, conveying that the greatest benefit was the ‘realistic helpful guidance’ she received through participation in the program.”


PAGE coaches provide the help you need when you need it.