About Us

The Professional Association of Georgia Educators is the state’s largest education association. Serving more than 97,000 educators, administrators and school personnel, PAGE fosters exceptional levels of professionalism in the classroom and within administrative ranks.

In addition to unmatched legislative advocacy and legal protection, PAGE provides professional learning to enhance competence and confidence, build leadership and increase student achievement.

History of PAGE

PAGE was formed in 1975 when the Georgia Association of Educators and its national organization, the NEA, took a major step toward mandating membership among all educators, rather than allowing membership to be optional. Many Georgia educators did not like the concept of forced “unified dues” and they were opposed to the militancy of teacher unions nationwide. They were equally uncomfortable with the NEA’s aggressive political partisanship and the organization’s wide-ranging social agenda on issues unrelated to education. Georgia educators joined PAGE as an alternative to teacher unionism. From fewer than 100 members in 1975, PAGE membership has grown to more than 97,000. It continues to be the fastest-growing education association in Georgia.
PAGE’s philosophy puts the educational interests of students first. Members work every day to make Georgia a better place for students to learn and for teachers to teach. That simple, affirmative message has not only led to the phenomenal growth of PAGE, it has also brought the support and esteem of the business community and governmental leaders.