True Accountability

True Accountability: It’s a movement, a mindset, a proactive systemic transformation. It’s exactly what the name denotes: “True” (factual and accurate) “Accountability” (honest, transparent accounting of actions and activities).

All effective organizations use some form of holistic evaluation and accountability to inform and refine their efforts. An exception, however, is the nation’s educational system. Present education policy assumes that a thorough accounting isn’t possible, and therefore, tiny windows ― standardized test scores ― into the complex matrix of teaching and learning are the primary performance measures upon which we must rely.

The education community largely views these tiny windows, and the destructive labeling to which they all-too-often lead – failing students, failing teachers, failing schools – as incomplete, distorted, and highly ineffective.

That’s where True Accountability comes in. A statewide initiative, spearheaded by PAGE, True Accountability is an educator-led, evidence-based, student-centric, community-minded system that moves far beyond test scores and A-F rankings. Rather, True Accountability provides both an accurate, holistic performance measure and a thorough accounting to the students, families, and communities for whom educators and schools exist.