State PAGE STAR Teacher Application

State PAGE STAR Teacher Application

Please complete this form by April 20. (You will probably want to construct your endorsement essay separately before beginning this form, then copy and paste the text.)
  • Region STAR Teacher Information

  • STAR awards will be mailed to the address provided here.
  • STAR Student Information

  • All Region STAR Students will demonstrate high scores on aptitude tests and will evince excellent academic and personal records. What, in your judgment, makes this candidate distinctive?
  • Social Media Information

  • Please upload a photo of you here.
  • Please upload your completed consent form here
  • Why you think your student is a STAR student. (Please limit to no more than 100 words.)
  • Information about yourself that you would like to share. (Please limit to no more than 100 words.)
  • News media

  • Please list below the names, fax numbers, and email addresses of news media serving your area that you would like notified of your participation in the State PAGE STAR program. You will have the opportunity to identify a local daily newspaper, a weekly newspaper, a TV station, and a radio station. (None are required.)
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