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Registration Information: There is no registration fee for PAGE ENGAGE! Induction and all resources are provided. PAGE members will be reimbursed for mileage and substitutes. A certificate of completion will be provided for those completing all sessions. If there are no cohort locations within reasonable driving distance from your area, please inquire. PAGE is willing to create additional cohorts if there is sufficient interest. In the event on-site meetings are not possible, virtual sessions and online learning will be available.

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The Professional Association of Georgia Educators introduces PAGE Engage! Induction – a professional learning experience that offers first through third year teachers the opportunity to hone their craft in the classroom. PAGE Engage! Induction will provide teachers the skills to become more effective in their work, as they examine equitable practices for their students. They will improve their ability to design interesting lessons while gaining an overall understanding of what is possible under their leadership.

PAGE welcomes all Georgia K-12 early career teachers who aspire to improve their skills in the area of classroom culture and management. This experience will help teachers develop the confidence needed to offer students interesting, challenging work that they enjoy.

PAGE Engage! Induction Content

Session 1 – Relationships and Engagement

  • Does your work have heart?
  • What is engagement anyway?
  • Knowing your students and being a good listener
  • Elements of design

Session 2 – Deep Dive into Design and the Georgia Performance Standards Classroom culture and climate

  • Collaboration and lesson design

Session 3 – Student Work and Tools for Success

  • Meeting or exceeding the BAR – Teaching with an equity mindset
  • Classroom management
  • Time management
  • Self-reflection and self-care