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Professional Learning for Educators

PAGE Professional Learning supports the educators of Georgia by offering timely, applicable professional learning at little to no cost for members. Teachers and administrators need the support of excellent training to be able to offer their students the best learning opportunities possible. We are constantly changing and adapting to the needs of our members.

The Transformational Principal Institute or TPI, offers principals the opportunity to learn to embrace and lead change, as it relates to school culture. A principal is a leader of teachers, of students, of parents. Principals must know what they value and believe about school, the students, and learning.  As a principal, what are your goals for your school now and in five years?  Do you believe in and live your mission or is it a report on a shelf? Does your staff know your expectations for them and for the students? Do parents know what you stand for? Do you have an agreed upon belief system with your staff – and are you going in the same DIRECTION?

These and other questions will be explored and discussed as you learn from different experts in the field of leadership. PAGE TPI will help leaders understand and design (with a school team) their plan for culture change with a focus on students and their learning needs.

Principals will become the leaders that they have envisioned themselves to be. They will have the tools to create a school where teachers are focused on students, and where students thrive and excel in a supportive learning environment.

PAGE Engage Academy provides professional learning for teachers who want to improve their lesson design and create a culture of learning in their classrooms. The culture is supportive,  safe, and a place where students love to come each morning.

In our academy, a teacher learns to become a leader in their classroom, with a focus on helping students become engaged learners. This can occur if teachers build authentic relationships with their students, understanding how each of the students enjoy learning.

Our professional learning experience paves the way for students and their needs and interests to thrive, due to engagement in the lessons and deeper learning lead by teachers.

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