A Conversation about Conversations & Changing the World through Changing Behavior

In this episode, Craig Harper, executive director of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, talks with Joseph Grenny – social scientist, researcher, best-selling author, and founder of VitalSmarts. In coordination with research partners and co-authors, Joseph developed the communications and relationship frameworks of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, and other concepts designed to improve the lives of individuals and the effectiveness of organizations. Joseph has co-authored four New York Times bestsellers. You can learn more at vitalsmarts.com and josephgrenny.com.

Issues Discussed in this podcast

  • See something, say something when actions, behavior, and circumstances don’t match
  • Make Truth more important than Power in organizations and relationships
  • Retribution for speaking up less likely than feared
  • Happiness is a function of our capacity for Truth, Love, and Connection
  • Safety and protection are required for honest expression of ideas
  • Lag time in addressing issues determines the health of any social system
  • Speaking “up” within an organization is possible, and when done properly, results in broader trust, involvement, and opportunity
  • Communication is more difficult today because technology and virtual connections create more opportunities to avoid real contact and healthy conversations
  • Motives, intent, and responsibility matter when addressing difficult issues
  • Generational vs. technological differences in communication
  • Help for people to overcome chronic behavioral issues that led to criminal justice consequences

Note to PAGE members: Listen carefully for a professional learning opportunity.


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