PAGE Awards Educator Grants


PAGE Awards More than $100,000 in Grant Funds in 2021

As PAGE members throughout the state have responded to unprecedented challenges both inside and outside the classroom, we’ve been continually inspired by the passion and innovation with which you are meeting student needs.

You are doing incredible work – often with fewer resources than before the pandemic. And, as you’ve innovated to teach and inspire students, PAGE is pleased to have awarded $500 to 220 members in the form of reimbursement grants to secure those resources.

“Georgia educators are all in for their students,” says PAGE Executive Director Craig Harper, “but obtaining ample supplies and supplemental learning materials is challenging. That’s why we introduced PAGE educator grants. In 2020, we awarded $75,000 in grant funds. This year, more than $100,000.”

“We created the program to support our members in this very difficult time by providing resources of their choosing to be more effective with students,” Harper continues. Applications were open January 4, 2021 to January 31, 2021, with winners notified on February 12, 2021.

Below, you’ll hear from a few 2021 recipients as they describe, in their own words, the impact PAGE educator grants are making.

"Thank you so much to PAGE for investing into teachers’ classrooms! With the PAGE Educator grant, I was able to better equip my classroom. I was able to purchase light rings, a slate for writing and solving math problems, 10 pairs of headphones for students, a document camera to see scratch work and a USB extender. I’m beyond thankful for this new equipment to enhance my virtual classroom as we continue the online learning experience.” - Kera Davis, Monroe County
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Congratulations to all of the recipients of the 2021 PAGE Educator Grant! PAGE is overjoyed to have been able to assist these educators with their education needs.

PAGE Awards $75,000 in Educator Grants in 2020

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) sought to create a light of opportunity for members – to assist with virtual teaching and help prepare for the upcoming school year. Enter the PAGE Educator Grant – a $500 reimbursement award conceived to supply educators with additional funds to apply toward students, peers, and professional development during a time of unprecedented challenges.

“PAGE consistently listens to members and their needs,” notes Executive Director Craig Harper. “When there is an ability to meet those needs in a meaningful way, PAGE does its best to follow through. Our main goal in creating this grant program was to support our teachers in a very difficult time by providing resources of their choosing to be more effective with students. It was also a show of support for the hard work they do every day, but especially during the pandemic, and a response to a need for resources that weren’t fully realized before the move to virtual learning.”

Thanks to cost savings resulting from COVID-19-related school closures and operational restrictions, PAGE was able to pass along a total of $75,000 to grant winners. A total of 169 award recipients are now able to utilize the funds in myriad ways – from sensory equipment for autistic students to projectors to craft materials and more.

PAGE awarded $50,000 in the first round that ended on April 10, 2020 with winners notified on April 20, 2020. An additional $25,000 was awarded to educators from the existing applicant pool the following week.

Georgia’s teachers are adapting to an ever-changing educational landscape, all the while maintaining their passion and commitment. Obtaining supplies and supplemental learning materials is nothing new for educators, but doing so amid a pandemic is.

“Teachers are ‘all-in’ for their students,” says Harper. “These grants can go a long way for a teacher in acquiring materials and resources that otherwise would be just out of reach.”

Georgia educators are doing incredible work and making a vast, positive impact on students, families, and communities. Click through the photos to see and hear directly from a few PAGE grant recipients as they speak to just how much the grant funds are shining a light into troubled times – enabling them to expand their toolkits and more effectively engage with students.

Katie Farrar (Rome City School District) “I teach kindergarten and didn’t realize the challenges that would come with distance learning. I used my grant to purchase a large whiteboard, document camera, ring light, and math manipulatives. All of these items will help my students because the items are similar to what is in our classroom. And that consistency is very important for young students. I’m definitely more prepared for distance learning for the upcoming school year thanks to my PAGE grant!”
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Congratulations to all of the recipients of the 2020 PAGE Educator Grant! PAGE is overjoyed to have been able to assist these educators with their education needs:

Aaron Kight
Adam Crowley
Aimee Litt
Alexandra Wright
Alishia Gaston
Amanda Floyd
Amanda Kessler
Amber Fuqua
Amber Moosman
Amber Randle
Amy Brown
Amy Garrison
Amy Pittner
Amy Roberts
Angela Miller
Angela Norris
Augustine Garcia
Benjamin Sexton
Betty Payne
Brandon Walker
Brandy Smiley
Brianna Wilbanks
Brittany Tankersley
Bronson Stinnett
Brooke Temple
Carla Esguerra
Carol Kahrmann
Casey Roop
Charlotte Delk
Cheryl Jacobs
Clayton Teat
Clint Robinson
Colbi Dunsmore
Cynthia Ellington
Cynthia Stavely
Dana Hutchison
David Howard
Deana Shade
Deanna Cross
Debbie Philliber
Deborah Castel
Dedrie Rowland
Denise Tucker
Derrick Allen
Donita Legoas
Elicia Stanley
Elisabeth Jackson
Elizabeth Braselton
Ellen Wilde
Emily Proctor
Erika Addison
Erin Poindexter
Erin Schyck
Felicia Bradley
Gabriel Wilfong
Gloria Beard
Greg Conley
Hannah Carter
Heather Russell
Heather Parent
Henry Oglesby
Janet Kirksey
Jennie Dyer
Jennifer Ledford
Jennifer Roland
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer Snelgrove
Jenny Gutshall
Jessica Bryan
Jessica Childers
Jessica Stevenson
Jill D’Anna
JoAnna Arnold
John Brooks
John Sorah
Joshua Davis
Joy Felton
Julie Craig
Julie Greene
Julie Hover
Julie Lambert
Julie Wallace
Kacie Evans
Karen Daily
Katherine Farrar
Kathleen Bolar
Kathleen Swanner
Kathryn Bertram
Kellie Dixon
Kenyette Shelton
Kerrie Jefferson
Kerry Rogers
Kristie Jarrard
Kylene VanHeiningen
Lakisha Williams
Laura Hall
Lauren Burrell
LaWanda Estes
Lindsey Guin
Loren Frick
Lori Blevins
Lori Young
Marian Stuart
Marisol Rivas
Marti Yelverton
Mary Sundermeyer
MaryLauren Schroeder
Matt Lukens
Matt Norris
Melanie Sample
Melinda Miller
Melissa Taylor
Michael Howard
Michael Cunningham
Michelle Stalions
Mikaela Griggs
Misty Carter
Misty Chavers
Molly Alexander
Morgan McCrary
Mychelle Haddon
Nadia Rylander
Nancy Uribe
Nancy Ward
Nathan Lott
Pamela Amendola
RaShada Wood
Rebecca Montgomery
Rebecca Woolsey
Rebecca Schabeck
Regina Evans
Reginald Mosley
Riann Willis
Roger Williams
Rosemary Wigington
Ryan Johnson
Samuel Bennett
Sandy Pitts
Sarah Cook
Sarah Hurley
Sarah Nelms
Sarah Nix
Savahna Silvas
Savannah Robinson
Seline Trinidad
Shanon Melson
Shelly Godwin
Shelly Singletary
Shelly Turner
Sheri Ledbetter
Sherri Ligon
Shonda Cronic
Sonya Rankin
Stephanie Strickland
Susan Spivey
Suzannah Lee
Tasha Jones
Teresa Malouf-Irizar
Terri Morris
Tisha Griner
Tom Seetoo
Tracey Green
Tracy Owens
TraSheba Harris
Troy Johnson
Valen Miller
Vaseem Mohammed
Vilencia Leslie
William Bowen