PAGE President Message

A Message from PAGE President Nick Zomer

PAGE President Nick Zomer is a veteran educator, assistant principal at Creekland Middle School in Cherokee County, and longstanding member of the PAGE Board of Directors. This encouraging message for Georgia educators is adapted from a message to the staff at his school.


Greetings Georgia Educators:

These are truly unprecedented times for all of us. Never in my educational career – or life – have I seen such a public response to a health situation quite like this.

As I’ve watched this response unfold in my district and across the state, I want to take a minute and personally thank every teacher, paraprofessional, counselor and administrator for their dedicated focus to the best interests of students statewide. I also want to share a special appreciation to the custodial staff, bus drivers, school nurses, front office staff, cafeteria crews, and all others who work tirelessly to ensure that schools meet the needs of students and their communities. I know that schools are working together to address the best interests of all who walk through the doors of Georgia’s schools.

As we all wondered what to do next before school closures, I know there was a great deal of fear and apprehension regarding the virus and its impact on schools. And, as we continue to figure out new learning methods and support strategies for students, staff and communities, I believe that the professionalism of Georgia’s educators will shine.

As these first major digital experiences for K-12 students gets under way, we must remember that it’s OK when mistakes happen and it doesn’t always go as planned. There will be snags, hiccups, and unexpected issues. We must all work through those challenges to the best of our abilities and adapt as necessary. Isn’t that what we expect of our students every day?

We cannot know what the future holds. This is uncharted territory for all of us and we are figuring out the next steps as we go. Together, we can continue to emphasize what is best for students and staff connected to education in Georgia, from the mountains to the coast and everywhere in between.