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PAGE One Topic Submission Form

PAGE, the state’s largest educator association, seeks to highlight stories that span the state of Georgia from metro to the most rural areas. We want to hear from PAGE members about issues and topics that matter to you. PAGE One is focused on sharing stories that educators find relevant to their day-to-day experiences. If you have a story/topic/idea that fulfills this, then here is your opportunity to submit.

In addition to PAGE One, continue to visit the PAGE website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) as we provide resources and information, and celebrate the great work that Georgia’s educators are doing. 

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For Your Submission


  • Teaching and Learning (in-person, hybrid, virtual)

  • Classroom Management

  • Innovations (Instruction, Technology, etc.)

  • Educator Retirement

  • Educator Health and Wellness

  • Other (please define)

In addition to yourself, please provide the best contact person(s) at the school/district or in the community who can speak to the topic. The best PAGE One features have statewide appeal. If possible, please recommend and provide contact information for two or more individuals throughout the state who you believe could contribute to the topic.

Thanks for submitting!

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