PAGE Fact Sheet

The Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) is an independent, professional association for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel in Georgia. PAGE is the state’s largest organization for professional educators, and 80 percent of the association’s 95,000-plus members are classroom teachers. PAGE members serve in schools in every city and county school system throughout Georgia.

The 2021-2023 PAGE president is Dr. Oatanisha Dawson, Principal, Goodyear Elementary School (Brunswick, Georgia). Craig Harper is PAGE Executive Director.

The core business of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators is to provide professional learning to enhance competence and confidence, build leadership and increase student achievement while providing the best in membership, legislative and legal services and support.

PAGE Professional Learning develops among Georgia educators high-level capabilities in enhancing and sustaining student engagement and transforming school culture. PAGE learning experiences are wide-ranging and are open to all Georgia educators at little or no cost to participants. Learning opportunities include:

  • PAGE Engage!

– Participants will acquire vital skills and practical knowledge to transform teaching and learning in classrooms, schools, and beyond.

– PAGE welcomes teachers, academic/instructional coaches, college professors, and others currently teaching in a Georgia school or college. School teams are encouraged. Pre-service college of education students may also attend.

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  • PAGE Engage! Induction

– Specifically for first through third year teachers.

– Participants will hone their craft to become more effective in their work through equitable practices and engagement-focused instruction.

– PAGE welcomes all Georgia K-12 early career teachers.

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  • The Transformational Principal Institute (TPI)

– Empowers principals to transform schools into equity-focused environments where students thrive and teachers excel.

– PAGE welcomes any lead administrator in a Georgia school — principals, directors, and headmasters.

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  • The Exceptional Assistant Principal (EAP)

– Offers Assistant Principals the opportunity to improve leadership skills and add to their repertoire of strategies and tools.

– The EAP experience is excellent preparation for a future principalship.

– PAGE welcomes Assistant Principals who desire to improve their ability to lead and innovate.

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Code of Ethics Presentations —PAGE staff attorneys provide Georgia Code of Ethics presentations at schools and district events. These informative sessions serve as a reminder of conduct that can result in ethics reports to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

PAGE Teacher Candidates — PAGE Teacher Candidate membership is for college students preparing for a career in teaching. In addition to providing liability coverage and legal services, PAGE supports teacher candidates and their professors by providing pre-service teachers with learning modules on various important of interest — such as ethics training, interviewing skills, and more.

Future Georgia Educators — PAGE has redesigned the statewide program for high school students who are exploring a career as an educator. Future Georgia Educators chapters provide high school students in the Early Childhood Education and the Teaching as a Profession career pathways numerous instructional modules, guest speakers and other educational resources. FGE is approved by the Georgia Department of Education as a partner for these critical pathways that supply the pipeline for quality educators across the state.

PAGE One magazine, Georgia’s premier journal for educators, highlights the innovative work of quality educators across Georgia and covers significant education issues. PAGE One reaches educators and thought leaders throughout the state three times a year.

The PAGE Membership Department includes 15 membership service representatives and four college services representatives (most are veteran educators) who provide hands-on, localized support to educators and emerging educators and to K-12 schools and colleges throughout Georgia. Click here for a complete listing of the PAGE Membership Services Representatives.

With more than 95,000 members, PAGE is the nation’s second largest independent educator association. It was founded in 1975 by a small group of educators who believed that a professional educator focuses on the best interests of children, works in a professional manner for positive results and does not resort to militant or adversarial actions. PAGE values the right of every educator to freely choose his or her professional affiliations without coercive control by national or state groups.

PAGE does not endorse political candidates or contribute to campaigns, but works to establish collegial relationships with elected officials to promote positive legislation for education. PAGE members serve on all major education groups, such as the Professional Standards Commission, the Teachers Retirement Board of Trustees and the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education.