PAGE Online Business Meeting

We encourage all PAGE members to participate in the annual PAGE online business meeting when we will elect 2022-2023 officers and district directors. This year’s election is open from May 2 until May 31, 2022. The final results will be reported in aggregate to the board of directors and announced to PAGE members online.

Your participation in this election is voluntary, and you can withdraw from the process at any point. We hope you will complete the ballot because it is important for us to receive your vote. Your responses are confidential, and data from this election will be reported only in the aggregate. If you have questions about the process or the procedures, you may contact Executive Director Craig Harper at

Once your membership is validated, you may vote on the candidates listed below. You may also view the PAGE audited financial statement and membership statement.

Officers for Election or Re-Election

President-Elect: Khrista Henry

Khrista Henry teaches gifted and talented students at Norris Elementary School in McDuffie County.  She is a passionate teacher who challenges her students through authentic learning experiences. She believes building relationships with students, parents, and other community stakeholders is the key to building strong schools and communities. With 26 years of experience in education, she is always willing to help others learn and grow. In 2020, she became a Project Lead the Way Launch Teacher, and she also coaches the school’s award winning First Lego League, a competition robotics team.

Khrista has been a PAGE building representative for more than 10 years and currently serves as a board member for District 10.  She is the go-to person in her building for questions concerning PAGE and education-related legislation.  She has been awarded several honors for excellence in teaching, but among her most treasured is the PAGE STAR Teacher award she received in 2019.

Secretary: Dr. Susan Mullins

Dr. Mullins, an educational foundations and technology instructor at the University of West Georgia, Newnan, has served as the 6th district representative of the PAGE board of directors since 2012. Through her leadership, chapters of Future Georgia Educators were established in all Coweta County middle and high schools. Dr. Mullins has written about the teacher pipeline and education pathways for PAGE One, is a district STAR chairperson, is a longtime attendee of PAGE Day on the Hill, and served as a PAGE building contact for 25 years.

Treasurer: Lamar Scott

Lamar Scott, 2001 PAGE president, holds the distinction of being PAGE’s longest-serving board member. He has served on the PAGE board of directors in numerous capacities over the past 32 years. Scott is Title I Director with Hart County Schools and a former Elbert County deputy superintendent.

Directors for Election or Re-Election (3-year terms)

District 1: Bivins Miller

Bivins Miller is the principal of Richmond Hill High School in the Bryan County School System. He has more than 14 years of teaching and administrative experience in Bryan County and Bulloch County. Bivins’ journey with PAGE began as an undergraduate at Georgia Southern University, and he has maintained active membership throughout his career. He has also served as a member of the Legislative Task Force and has been involved with PAGE Day on the Hill. “Being a member of PAGE has allowed me to best understand current educational policy while also maintaining awareness of effective implementation of professional practices throughout the great state of Georgia! I believe the future of the world has always rested on the shoulders of our children, and I have tremendous faith in the young people of today. It is the educators of today who are ultimately shaping the society of the future by providing our children with the academic, social, and emotional tools to become citizens of the global world. Given this, education should continue to be upheld with the highest regard.”

District 2: Brecca Pope

Dr. Pope is the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services for Thomas County Schools. She has more than 23 years of experience in Thomas County Schools where she has held various instructional and leadership positions. Dr. Pope has been a PAGE member for her entire career and has served on the PAGE Board of Directors as the representative for District 2 since 2016. She also serves as the STAR Region 9 Chairperson and has been on the Thomas County Schools Early Childhood Education Advisory Committee since 2014 where she has been able to work with many high school FGE members. “It has been an honor to represent the educators in my district. I believe in the legislative, advocacy, and professional development missions of PAGE and am proud to be the face of that work in District 2.”

District 3: Mary Case

Mary Case is a general education, gifted and ESOL educator in Gwinnett County Public Schools. She currently teaches third grade at Norton Elementary and serves as the PAGE building contact. She has served as the representative for District 3 on the PAGE Board of Directors since her election in 2019. She has volunteered in the PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon and looks forward to a higher level of engagement as educational activities return to pre-pandemic levels.

As a lifelong learner and advocate for equity in education, Mary engages in culturally responsive teaching to connect with her students and maximize their learning to their highest potential academically, socially, and emotionally. She believes in the all-round development of students and uses activities such as Community Building and Academic Conversations to bolster and promote student achievement, which positively impacts the home-school connection.

Mary has had a long career serving at different levels of the educational system and has used her unique experiences and educational philosophy “I can make a difference” to launch many, many students on the path to success.


District 4: Rochelle Loftstrand

Rochelle Lofstrand is a high school principal in City Schools of Decatur. She has more than 22 years of teaching and administrative experience in Fulton County and in City Schools of Decatur. Rochelle has been a member of PAGE for the entirety of her educational career. She has also served PAGE as a building representative, as a member of the Legislative Task Force, and as a PAGE Director. “Being a member of PAGE and a Director has allowed me to stay in touch with the educational policies and practices in our state. I believe in lifelong learning and PAGE’s dedication to professional learning and educator growth and success is why I continue to serve.”


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