PAGE Online Business Meeting

We encourage all PAGE members to participate in the annual PAGE online business meeting in which we elect 2019-2020 officers and district directors. This year’s election is open from May 8 until May 31, 2019. The final results will be reported in aggregate to the board of directors and announced to PAGE members online.

Your participation in this election is voluntary and you can withdraw from the process at any point, but we hope you will complete the ballot because it is important for us to receive your vote. Your responses are confidential and data from this election will be reported only in the aggregate. If you have questions about the process or the procedures, you may contact Craig Harper at

Once your membership is validated, you may vote on the candidates listed below. You may also view the PAGE audited financial statement and membership statement.

Officers for Election or Re-Election

2019-20 President-Elect: Lindsey Martin

Lindsey Martin has served two terms on the PAGE Board of Directors as the District 8 representative. As the Lowndes County Instructional Technology Specialist, Martin shows teachers and students how technology can enrich the classroom. She is in her 17th year as an educator and has “loved every minute.”

2019-20 Secretary: Megan King

Megan King is a Spanish teacher at Houston County High School in Warner Robins. For the past several years, she has served as the secretary of the PAGE Board of Directors and she formerly served as a representative of the PAGE Teacher Academy. Proficient in using technology to enhance instruction, King has presented at several PAGE conferences and has served as a guest columnist for PAGE One magazine.

2019-20 Treasurer: Lamar Scott

Lamar Scott, 2001 PAGE president, has served on the PAGE Board of Directors in numerous capacities over the past 30 years. He is Title I Director with Hart County Schools and a former Elbert County deputy superintendent.

Directors for Election or Re-Election (3-year terms)

District 1: Oatanisha Dawson

Oatanisha Dawson, Ed.D, is principal at Goodyear Elementary (Glynn County) and has served one term on the PAGE Board of Directors. She has been active in PAGE Professional Learning, a regular presenter for Future Georgia Educators and as a long-time PAGE building representative.

District 2: Brecca Pope

Brecca Pope is director of administrative services for Thomas County Schools and has served one term on the PAGE Board of Directors. She has also served as assistant principal of Cross Creek Elementary in Thomasville. A long-time educator, she has a master of science and an education specialist degree from Valdosta State University, where she was a student PAGE member.

District 3: TBD

This position will be vacant as of July 1, 2019. Jamilya Mayo is moving out of district and has resigned her position on the PAGE board effective the end of June.

District 4: Rochelle Lofstrand

Rochelle Lofstrand is principal of Westchester Elementary and former assistant principal of Decatur High (City Schools of Decatur). She has served on the PAGE Board of Directors as the District 4 representative since 2011, as a PAGE Legislative Task Force member and as a building representative. Lofstrand has a master’s in science education from Georgia State University, leadership certification, ESOL endorsement and is nationally board certified.

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