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Georgia Academic Decathlon

GAD Showcase Speeches

The students delivering their Prepared Speeches for the “Showcase” at the PAGE GAD Awards Banquet are not necessarily the Gold Medalists. Rather, these students received the highest score for their Prepared Speech. The overall Speech winners are determined by combining the Prepared Speech score with the Impromptu Speech score.

(Click on the thumbnails below to view the videos.)


2017 Showcase Speeches

  Red Follett – 2017 Varsity Speech Showcase

  Alexandra Williams – 2017 Scholastic Speech Showcase

  Angad Joshi – 2017 Honor Speech Showcase


2015 Showcase Speeches

  Angel Cruz – 2015 Varsity Speech Showcase

  Kayla McKenzie – 2015 Scholastic Speech Showcase

  Samuel Won – 2015 Honor Speech Showcase


2014 Showcase Speeches

   Tiana De La Rosa – 2014 Varsity Speech Showcase

   Michael Amaya – 2014 Scholastic Speech Showcase

   Quang Tran – 2014 Honor Speech Showcase

2013 Showcase Speeches

  Paul Abulu – 2013 Varsity Prepared Speech Showcase

  Miller May – 2013 Scholastic Prepared Speech Showcase

  Vinisha Kalra – 2013 Honor Prepared Speech Showcase

2011 USAD Nationals Speech Showcase

   Destin Sisemore – 2011 USAD Nationals Speech Showcase


Michelle Crawford

GAD State Director


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