GAD Fall Workshop

Every year the PAGE Georgia Academic Decathlon holds a Fall Workshop to kick off the decathlon season. The workshop is designed to provide information on the program and insights into the year’s curriculum for GAD Coaches, Coordinators and Decathletes.  

The 2018 workshop will be held at Kennesaw State University’s KSU Center (3333 Busbee Dr NW, Kennesaw GA 30144 – NOT on main campus) from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm on Friday, August 31, 2018. The registration deadline will be August 22. 

There will be a fee of $18 for each decathlete while Coaches, Coordinators and other adults may attend free of charge (remember to include your bus driver if they need a lunch). Remember to return release forms for ALL attendees (students and adults).

Highlights from the 2017 workshop:

If you (or your team) were unable to attend the 2017 event, have never attended before, or would like a refresher, you can review some of the material covered. (FYI – The ppt and pdf files will download to your computer. They are not formatted to be viewed on the website.)

General Session 1:  Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe – Dr. William Rice

General Session 2: History of Africa – Dr. Akenmu Adebayo

Preparing for Economics – Dr. Timothy Mathews

Preparing for Music – Dr. Kayleen Justus

Preparing for Science – Dr. Melanie Griffin

Preparing for Essay – Amy Tait (Essay Practice Prompts -doc)

Preparing for Speech – Heather Dobson

Preparing for Interview – Jodi Murphy (USAD Apperson Interview Form)

How Should we be Studying? – Stephen Bergauer (2015 presentation)

Showcase Speeches (2015 – 2011)