GAD Team Registration

Please submit the below form by January 27. Note: you will need to know your school’s enrollment number in order to complete this form.

Direct any questions to Michelle Crawford at

  • PAGE GAD State Competition Team Registration

    Our school has been identified as a District Winner/Wild Card team and will be participating in the 2021 virtual PAGE GAD State Competition to be held on February 26-27, 2021. The Head Coach will receive an invoice from the PAGE GAD office for the $75 State Competition Registration Fee. (If you have a credit from last year's State Competition you'll receive an invoice with a zero balance.)
  • Please do not abbreviate the name of your school.
  • The number of students enrolled in your 9-12 school. Divisions are based on this number.
  • Please list any additional coaches along with their email address and/or cell phone numbers. The "+" sign will give you another input field if you have more than one additional coach.
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