GAD Preliminary Roster

Please submit the Preliminary Roster by January 21.

The information you submit here will be used to create usernames and passwords for your team. Those usernames and passwords will be emailed to you prior to the online Art and Essay events. Please take care to spell names correctly.

  • PAGE GAD Preliminary Roster

  • Please do not abbreviate the name of your school.
  • Add a new row
  • Team Leader

    Please list a student who you feel could organize a team "project." Supply an email address for this student so that the PAGE GAD State Director may contact them directly with details and information.
  • Please do not supply a school district issued email address. It has been our experience that outside communication will not reach school issued email addresses.
  • Team Roster

    Please note, your roster is limited to 12 students - 9 official decathletes and a maximum of 3 alternates. GPAs do not have to be exact here. Your Team Roster Spreadsheet will include the official information. Please take care to spell names correctly.