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Future Georgia Educators

FGE Competitions

Students at a virtual reality workshop during a Future Georgia Educators (FGE) Day

Note: FGE Competitions are open to affiliated FGE chapters only, with the exception of Knowledge Bowl, which is open to all high schools.

Competitions at FGE Days

Note: Only one entry per chapter per competition per FGE Day.

FGE Ambassador | Guidelines | Click to Enter 

Note: The FGE Ambassador competition does not advance to state competition.

FGE Moment | Guidelines | Click to Enter 

Note: One FGE Moment that has been presented at an FGE Day will be selected to be read at state competition.

Knowledge Bowl | Knowledge Bowl Information

Questions are drawn from Georgia’s Code of Ethics for Educators as well as TAP and ECE curriculum topics. First-, second-, and third-place winners are eligible to compete at state competition. Open to all high schools; FGE affiliation not required. Remember that students can enter Knowledge Bowl only at the first FGE Day they attend this school year. (Once the students have seen the questions, even as a spectator, they are ineligible to compete in subsequent competitions.)



State Competition

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2024

Time: 3-5 pm (tentative)

City: Macon, Georgia

Location: Mercer University (Macon)

FGE members who have attended an FGE Day throughout this school year are eligible to compete at state.

Click here for more information about FGE State Competition.




Q: Who is eligible to compete in FGE Competitions?

A: Members in good standing of state-affiliated FGE chapters are eligible to compete in FGE competitions. Exception: Knowledge Bowl is open to all high schools.

Q:  Which FGE Day should I/we attend?

A:  You are free to attend any and all FGE Days. Your school’s location does not dictate which event(s) you attend.

Q:  How many entries can we submit per competition?

A:  A chapter may submit only one entry per competition. For individual competitions, chapters may wish to hold a local competition to determine who will enter the FGE Day competition.

Q:  Can an FGE chapter enter competitions at multiple FGE Days?

A:  Yes, a chapter may enter competitions at as many FGE Days as they attend (except the Knowledge Bowl; see note below) . However, they are limited to one entry per competition at each location.

Please note: the only exception to this is that a chapter may enter the FGE Knowledge Bowl only at the first FGE Day they attend in an academic year. Because some questions may be repeated at multiple events, chapters who have already attended an FGE Day may have heard the questions and are therefore not eligible to compete.

Q:  When is the competition entry deadline?

A:  The deadline to enter competitions is midnight on the registration deadline of the FGE Day you plan to attend.

Q: Will there be a state level competition?

A: Yes. First-, second-, and third-place competition winners of each Knowledge Bowl competition will be eligible to compete at state. In addition, one FGE Moment from each FGE Day will be selected to be read at state competition. There will also be additional competitions at state that students may choose to compete in. More details to be released later.

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