Academic Bowl Region and State Winners

State Winners 2022

On January 22, 2022, the top nineteen Regional Academic Bowl teams competed at Georgia College to determine the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Champion.  Here are the eight finalists.


State Champion

The Westminster Schools – Fulton Independent School

Second Place

Chamblee Middle School – DeKalb County

Third Place

South Forsyth Middle School – Forsyth County

Fourth Place

Riverwatch Middle School – Forsyth County

Fifth Place

North Gwinnett Middle School – Gwinnett County

Sixth Place

The Paideia School – DeKalb Independent School

Seventh Place

Perry Middle School – Houston County

Eighth Place

David T. Howard Middle School – Atlanta Public Schools

The final rankings for the 9th through 19th place State Championship teams are below.

Academic Bowl State Rankings 9-19

9th Stallings Island Middle School10thNorth Hall Middle School
11thBlackmon Road Middle School12thCreekland Middle School
13thBonaire Middle School14thRichards Middle School
15thPiney Grove Middle School16thFeagin Mill Middle School
17thHopewell Middle School18thBrookwood School
19thHarvester Christian Academy


Region Winners 2021-2022

This year’s competition included only six regions. Twenty-four teams (top two teams per division) have been invited to participate in the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Championship on January 22, 2022. (Winners are listed by region in alphabetical order.)

Region 1 Winners

Host: Scott Fowler, River Trail Middle School

Hopewell Middle School, Fulton County Schools
Coach: Erin Bolling

Piney Grove Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coaches: Jime Wiles, Elizabeth Bickford, Vince Wynn

River Trail Middle School, Fulton County Schools
Coaches: Stuart Lyle, Alexandra Schoessler, Susan Delong

Riverwatch Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coach: Ann Hicks

South Forsyth Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coaches: Ashley Calloway, Stephanie Chanoski

The Westminster Schools, Independent, Fulton County
Coaches: Jon Hathorn, Robert Cochran

Region 2 Winners

Host: Scott Johnson, North Gwinnett Middle School

Chamblee Middle School, DeKalb County Schools
Coach: Cathy Hirsch

Creekland Middle School, Cherokee County Schools
Coach: Eric Norris

David T. Howard Middle School, Atlanta Public Schools
Coaches: Jessica Hughes, Abbi Hurt

North Gwinnett Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coaches: Scott Johnson, Scott Kim

North Hall Middle School, Hall County Schools
Coaches: Lori McBride, Nathan Watson

The Paideia School, Independent, DeKalb County
Coaches: Wilson York, Rand Wise

Region 3 Winners

Host: Deborah Hundt, Stallings Island Middle School

Oglethorpe County Middle School, Oglethorpe County Schools
Coach: Penny Miller

Stallings Island Middle School, Columbia County Schools
Coach: Deborah Hundt

Region 4 Winners

Host: Heather Davison, Lamar County Middle School

Bonaire Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coaches: Mary Ellen Stuart, Jalanda Goff. Dianne James

Feagin Mill Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coaches: Paula Peavy, Julie Folse, Julie Ash

Harvester Christian Academy, Independent, Douglas County
Coach: Meghan Williams

Perry Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coaches: Faith Terry, Sherry Akin

Region 5 Winners

Host: Sam Peavy, Georgia Southwestern State University

Blackmon Road Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coaches: Alicia Allen, Stacy Jenkins

Brookstone School, Independent, Muscogee County
Coaches: Maggie Shehane, Kristopher Maguire

Brookwood School, Independent, Thomas County
Coach: Amanda Hanke

Richards Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coach: Andrea Bingham

Region 6 Winners

Host: Misty Eastlake, Bradwell Institute

Appling County Middle School, Appling County Schools
Coach: Kayla Thomas

Savannah Country Day School, Independent, Chatham County
Coaches: Sarah Kovensky, Laura Lynne Powers