Academic Bowl Region and State Winners

State Winners 2019 

On January 26, 2019, the top twenty-four Regional Academic Bowl teams met at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville to determine the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Champion.  Here are the eight finalists.


State Champion

South Forsyth Middle School – Forsyth County

Second Place

Chamblee Middle School – DeKalb County

Third Place

North Gwinnett Middle School – Gwinnett County

Fourth Place

Five Forks Middle School – Gwinnett County

Fifth Place

Aaron Cohn Middle School – Muscogee County

Sixth Place

Mossy Creek Middle School – Houston County

Seventh Place

Oglethorpe County Middle School – Oglethorpe County

Eighth Place

Inman Middle School – Atlanta Public Schools

The final rankings for the remainder of the State Championship teams are below. Rankings are based on total points scored during the morning Round-robin matches.

9th Creekland Middle School 17th Thomas County Middle School
10th Lakeside Middle School 18th St. Francis Xavier Catholic School
11th Dodgen Middle School 19th Heritage Middle School
12th Stallings Island Middle School 20th Riverside Middle School
13th Bremen Middle School 21st Stephens County Middle School
14th Mount de Sales Academy 22nd Moses Middle School
15th Richards Middle School 23rd Ashworth Middle School
16th St. James Catholic School 24th Valwood Middle School

Region Winners 2018-2019

The following schools are winners and runners-up from the regional competitions held on December 8, 2018.

The 24 winners were invited to participate in the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Championship Competition at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville on January 26, 2019.

Region 1

Host: La Fayette Middle School, La Fayette, GA
Regional Coordinator: Jamie Bloodworth

Winner – Ashworth Middle School, Gordon County Schools
Coach: TJ Langston

Winner – Heritage Middle School, Catoosa County Schools
Coaches: Charlene Higgins, Dillion Crowder

Runner-up – Dalton Middle School, Dalton City Schools
Coach: Candy DeBolt

Runner-up – Unity Christian School, Floyd Independent School
Coaches: LeeAnn Alford, Shelby Krueger

Region 2

Host: Mill Creek Middle School, Woodstock, GA
Regional Coordinator: Kari Barbour

Winner – Creekland Middle School, Cherokee County Schools
Coaches: Mark Nazemzadeh, Eli Rollman

Winner – Dodgen Middle School, Cobb County Schools
Coach: Kay Tabor, Cole Hansard

Runner-up – Cartersville Middle School, Cartersville City Schools
Coach: Jeri-Lyn Flowers

Runner-up – Lost Mountain Middle School, Cobb County Schools
Coaches: Jennifer Dawson, Lauren Newell

Region 3 

Host: Oak Mountain Academy, Carrollton, GA
Regional Coordinator: Jay Louttit

Winner – Bremen Middle School, Bremen City Schools
Coach: Denice Steed

Winner – Moses Middle School, Paulding County Schools
Coach: Lynette Curtis, Molly Hopper

Runner-up – Chapel Hill Middle School, Douglas County Schools
Coach: Elise Keeney

Runner-up – Evans Middle School, Coweta County Schools
Coach: Andrew Nase

Region 4 

Host: River Trail Middle School, Johns Creek GA
Regional Coordinator: Scott Fowler

Winner – Lakeside Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coach: Cheryl West

Winner – South Forsyth Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coaches: Elizabeth Rushton, Ashley Calloway

Runner-up – River Trail Middle School, Fulton County Schools
Coaches: Scott Fowler, Sarah Roberson

Runner-up – Riverwatch Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coaches: MauraLyn Monroe, Chris Walden

Region 5 

Host: Chamblee Middle School, Chamblee, GA
Regional Coordinator: John Donegan

Winner – Chamblee Middle School, DeKalb County Schools
Coaches: John Donegan, Cathy Hirsch

Winner – Inman Middle School, Atlanta Public Schools
Coach: Jessica Hughes, Abbi Hurt, William Hunter

Runner-up – KIPP Strive Academy, Atlanta Public Schools
Coaches: Jennifer Freeman, Brian Collier

Runner-up – Pike County Middle School, Pike County Schools
Coach: Helen McDevitt

Region 6 

Host: North Gwinnett Middle School, Sugar Hill, GA
Regional Coordinator: Scott Johnson

Winner – Five Forks Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coaches: Carla Kuny, Phillip Watson

Winner – North Gwinnett Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coach: Scott Johnson, Scott Kim

Runner-up – Twin Rivers Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coach: Holli Greene

Runner-up – Youth Middle School, Walton County Schools
Coaches: Karen Byrd, Sinje Butler

Region 7 

Host: Hart County Middle School, Hartwell, GA
Regional Coordinator: Wilson Hein

Winner – Oglethorpe County Middle School, Oglethorpe County Schools
Coaches: Penny Miller, Ahna Chastain

Winner – Stephens County Middle School, Stephens County Schools
Coaches: Wynette Neal

Runner-up – Franklin County Middle School, Franklin County Schools
Coaches: Amy Thomas, Amy Cheek

Runner-up – Malcom Bridge Middle School, Oconee County Schools
Coach: Kelli Coletti

Region 8

Host: Feagin Mill Middle School, Warner Robins, GA
Regional Coordinator: Kristy Yarbrough

Winner – Mossy Creek Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coach: Carol Kohn

Winner – Mount de Sales Academy, Bibb Independent School
Coach: Keith Bartlett

Runner-up – Bonaire Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coaches: Mary Ellen Stewart, Dianne James

Runner-up – Stratford Academy, Bibb Independent School
Coach: Susan Hanberry

Region 9 

Host: Georgia Southwestern State University, Americus, GA
Regional Coordinator: Dr. Samuel Peavy

Winner – Aaron Cohn Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coach: Rebecca Perez

Winner – Richards Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coaches: Andrea Bingham, Troy McGarr

Runner-up – Blackmon Road Middle School, Muscogee Independent School
Coaches: Alicia Allen, Stacy Jenkins

Runner-up – Deerfield-Windsor School, Dougherty Independent School
Coach:  Kim York

Region 10 

Host: Thomas County Middle School, Thomasville, GA
Regional Coordinator: Heather Ward

Winner – Thomas County Middle School, Thomas County Schools
Coaches: Gail Trotter, Heather Ward

Winner – Valwood School, Lowndes Independent School
Coaches: Jessica Warren

Runner-up – Cook Middle School, Cook County Schools
Coach: Heather McIntyre

Runner-up – Tiftarea Academy, Tift Independent School
Coach:  Tiffany Tanner

Region 11 

Host: St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, Augusta, GA
Regional Coordinator: Donna Skidmore

Winner – Riverside Middle School, Columbia County Schools
Coach: Melissa Jenkinson

Winner – Stallings Island Middle School, Columbia County Schools
Coach: Deborah Hundt

Runner-up – Columbia Middle School, Columbia County Schools
Coach: James McNair

Runner-up – St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, Richmond Independent School
Coaches: Donna Skidmore, Barbara Lewis, Mary Francis Weber

Region 12 

Host: Lewis Frasier Middle School, Hinesville, GA
Regional Coordinator: Misty Eastman

Winner – St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, Glynn Independent School
Coach: Toni Tennant

Winner – St. James Catholic School, Chatham Independent School
Coach: Dr. Linda Winders

Runner-up – Lewis Frasier Middle School, Liberty County Schools
Coaches: Misty Eastlake, Terry Snapp

Runner-up – Richmond Hill Middle School, Bryan County Schools
Coaches: Karen Sahr, Amber McWhorter