Academic Bowl Region and State Winners

State Winners 2019 

On January 26, 2019, the top twenty-four Regional Academic Bowl teams met at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville to determine the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Champion.  Here are the eight finalists.


State Champion

South Forsyth Middle School – Forsyth County

Second Place

Chamblee Middle School – DeKalb County

Third Place

North Gwinnett Middle School – Gwinnett County

Fourth Place

Five Forks Middle School – Gwinnett County

Fifth Place

Aaron Cohn Middle School – Muscogee County

Sixth Place

Mossy Creek Middle School – Houston County

Seventh Place

Oglethorpe County Middle School – Oglethorpe County

Eighth Place

Inman Middle School – Atlanta Public Schools

The final rankings for the remainder of the State Championship teams will be posted soon . . .

Region Winners 2018-2019

The following schools are winners and runners-up from the regional competitions held on December 8, 2018.

The 24 winners were invited to participate in the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Championship Competition at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville on January 26, 2019.

Region 1

Host: La Fayette Middle School, La Fayette, GA
Regional Coordinator: Jamie Bloodworth

Winner – Ashworth Middle School, Gordon County Schools
Coach: TJ Langston

Winner – Heritage Middle School, Catoosa County Schools
Coaches: Charlene Higgins, Dillion Crowder

Runner-up – Dalton Middle School, Dalton City Schools
Coach: Candy DeBolt

Runner-up – Unity Christian School, Floyd Independent School
Coaches: LeeAnn Alford, Shelby Krueger

Region 2

Host: Mill Creek Middle School, Woodstock, GA
Regional Coordinator: Kari Barbour

Winner – Creekland Middle School, Cherokee County Schools
Coaches: Mark Nazemzadeh, Eli Rollman

Winner – Dodgen Middle School, Cobb County Schools
Coach: Kay Tabor, Cole Hansard

Runner-up – Cartersville Middle School, Cartersville City Schools
Coach: Jeri-Lyn Flowers

Runner-up – Lost Mountain Middle School, Cobb County Schools
Coaches: Jennifer Dawson, Lauren Newell

Region 3 

Host: Oak Mountain Academy, Carrollton, GA
Regional Coordinator: Jay Louttit

Winner – Bremen Middle School, Bremen City Schools
Coach: Denice Steed

Winner – Moses Middle School, Paulding County Schools
Coach: Lynette Curtis, Molly Hopper

Runner-up – Chapel Hill Middle School, Douglas County Schools
Coach: Elise Keeney

Runner-up – Evans Middle School, Coweta County Schools
Coach: Andrew Nase

Region 4 

Host: River Trail Middle School, Johns Creek GA
Regional Coordinator: Scott Fowler

Winner – Lakeside Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coach: Cheryl West

Winner – South Forsyth Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coaches: Elizabeth Rushton, Ashley Calloway

Runner-up – River Trail Middle School, Fulton County Schools
Coaches: Scott Fowler, Sarah Roberson

Runner-up – Riverwatch Middle School, Forsyth County Schools
Coaches: MauraLyn Monroe, Chris Walden

Region 5 

Host: Chamblee Middle School, Chamblee, GA
Regional Coordinator: John Donegan

Winner – Chamblee Middle School, DeKalb County Schools
Coaches: John Donegan, Cathy Hirsch

Winner – Inman Middle School, Atlanta Public Schools
Coach: Jessica Hughes, Abbi Hurt, William Hunter

Runner-up – KIPP Strive Academy, Atlanta Public Schools
Coaches: Jennifer Freeman, Brian Collier

Runner-up – Pike County Middle School, Pike County Schools
Coach: Helen McDevitt

Region 6 

Host: North Gwinnett Middle School, Sugar Hill, GA
Regional Coordinator: Scott Johnson

Winner – Five Forks Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coaches: Carla Kuny, Phillip Watson

Winner – North Gwinnett Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coach: Scott Johnson, Scott Kim

Runner-up – Twin Rivers Middle School, Gwinnett County Schools
Coach: Holli Greene

Runner-up – Youth Middle School, Walton County Schools
Coaches: Karen Byrd, Sinje Butler

Region 7 

Host: Hart County Middle School, Hartwell, GA
Regional Coordinator: Wilson Hein

Winner – Oglethorpe County Middle School, Oglethorpe County Schools
Coaches: Penny Miller, Ahna Chastain

Winner – Stephens County Middle School, Stephens County Schools
Coaches: Wynette Neal

Runner-up – Franklin County Middle School, Franklin County Schools
Coaches: Amy Thomas, Amy Cheek

Runner-up – Malcom Bridge Middle School, Oconee County Schools
Coach: Kelli Coletti

Region 8

Host: Feagin Mill Middle School, Warner Robins, GA
Regional Coordinator: Kristy Yarbrough

Winner – Mossy Creek Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coach: Carol Kohn

Winner – Mount de Sales Academy, Bibb Independent School
Coach: Keith Bartlett

Runner-up – Bonaire Middle School, Houston County Schools
Coaches: Mary Ellen Stewart, Dianne James

Runner-up – Stratford Academy, Bibb Independent School
Coach: Susan Hanberry

Region 9 

Host: Georgia Southwestern State University, Americus, GA
Regional Coordinator: Dr. Samuel Peavy

Winner – Aaron Cohn Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coach: Rebecca Perez

Winner – Richards Middle School, Muscogee County Schools
Coaches: Andrea Bingham, Troy McGarr

Runner-up – Blackmon Road Middle School, Muscogee Independent School
Coaches: Alicia Allen, Stacy Jenkins

Runner-up – Deerfield-Windsor School, Dougherty Independent School
Coach:  Kim York

Region 10 

Host: Thomas County Middle School, Thomasville, GA
Regional Coordinator: Heather Ward

Winner – Thomas County Middle School, Thomas County Schools
Coaches: Gail Trotter, Heather Ward

Winner – Valwood School, Lowndes Independent School
Coaches: Jessica Warren

Runner-up – Cook Middle School, Cook County Schools
Coach: Heather McIntyre

Runner-up – Tiftarea Academy, Tift Independent School
Coach:  Tiffany Tanner

Region 11 

Host: St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, Augusta, GA
Regional Coordinator: Donna Skidmore

Winner – Riverside Middle School, Columbia County Schools
Coach: Melissa Jenkinson

Winner – Stallings Island Middle School, Columbia County Schools
Coach: Deborah Hundt

Runner-up – Columbia Middle School, Columbia County Schools
Coach: James McNair

Runner-up – St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School, Richmond Independent School
Coaches: Donna Skidmore, Barbara Lewis, Mary Francis Weber

Region 12 

Host: Lewis Frasier Middle School, Hinesville, GA
Regional Coordinator: Misty Eastman

Winner – St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, Glynn Independent School
Coach: Toni Tennant

Winner – St. James Catholic School, Chatham Independent School
Coach: Dr. Linda Winders

Runner-up – Lewis Frasier Middle School, Liberty County Schools
Coaches: Misty Eastlake, Terry Snapp

Runner-up – Richmond Hill Middle School, Bryan County Schools
Coaches: Karen Sahr, Amber McWhorter