2023 Educator Grant


It’s a new year – and a new opportunity to apply for a PAGE Educator Grant! Founded at the onset of the pandemic, PAGE Educator Grants have assisted more than 500 members in acquiring resources for students, classrooms, and digital learning. PAGE will award an additional $100,000 in Educator Grants to members this calendar year. Applications are open now through Sunday, Jan. 29. We encourage all to apply.

Ready to Apply? Here’s How:

  • Log in to the membership portal using the link above or by visiting https://members.pageinc.org/.
  • If you’ve not yet created an account within the portal, you’ll first need to do so by selecting Review and then following the Create a Login instructions.
  • Once logged in, select the 2023 PAGE Educator Grant Application icon, complete the application, and click submit.
  • That’s it!


  • Need help accessing the portal or creating a login? Call the PAGE Membership Department at 770-216-8555 and select option 2, or send an email to membership@pageinc.org.
  • Have questions about the PAGE Educator Grant process or timeline as outlined in the application? Send an email to grants@pageinc.org.

Not Sure How You Could Use a PAGE Educator Grant?
Here’s How Four Previous Recipients Applied the Funds:

“Many of my students have autism and/or have unique sensory needs. They often get easily overwhelmed and need a change of environment or activity in order to cope. The PAGE grant afforded me a way to begin equipping the area for my students’ sensory needs. I purchased a sand/sensory table, a small indoor/ outdoor trampoline, and a caterpillar climber. I was also able to purchase a picnic table so my students can sit outside to work on various activities. Thank you, PAGE, for helping me turn my dream into a reality!” – Amanda Floyd, Appling County

“My speech/language therapy materials that were purchased through the PAGE Educator Grant will be used to further enhance each student’s ability in meeting his/ her communication goals and objectives. An SLP’s IEP companion book was also purchased that will allow me to explore and establish other goals and objectives addressed. It is my hope that these materials will be applicable to the student’s specific communication disorder. Thank you, PAGE, for awarding me this opportunity.” – Vilencia Leslie, Burke County

“My students are deaf and hard of hearing and use American Sign Language. While making math videos, instead of turning around to write on the board, I purchased a clear glass board along with an easel stand to remove two obstacles: (1) I can write in front of me and sign at the same time. (2) When using sign language for directional signs such as ‘move the decimal the left’ the viewpoint of the presenter and the viewer are opposite. When editing, I use the mirror format to flip the video and make the signing viewpoint correct for the viewer as well as the math work legible in the video.” – Loren Frick, Georgia School for the Deaf

“I’d like to thank PAGE for awarding my media center the PAGE Educator Grant. I’m always looking for ways to encourage students to come to the media center and to read. I used our funds for a FitDesk bike that has been a hit! Students are able to burn off some energy while they read, and have even made a ‘leaderboard’ to compete with one another. We’ve loved having it as an addition to the library!” – Jennifer Smith, Henry County