2022 Educator Grant

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Questions? Email us at grants@pageinc.org.

It’s a new year — and a new opportunity to apply for a PAGE Educator Grant.

Founded at the onset of the pandemic, PAGE Educator Grants have assisted more than 300 members in acquiring resources for their students, classrooms, and digital learning needs.

PAGE will award $100,000 in grant funds this calendar year.

Not sure how you could use a PAGE Educator Grant? Here’s how a few past recipients applied the funds:

  • “Items purchased with the PAGE Grant are directly benefiting students who are struggling with social / emotional needs. We have created calm-down kits to use with students in Pre-K through first grade who need emotional support.” — Ben Pitchford, Colquitt County Schools
  • “With the help of the PAGE Educator Grant, I purchased and created a math manipulative learning tool kit.” — Nicole Burkes, Muscogee County Schools
  • “I purchased over $300 in books, dry erase boards, chart paper, chalk, and dry erase markers with the money.” — Rebecca Woolsey, Bartow County Schools
  • “With the $500 PAGE Educator Grant, I was able to purchase 55 headphones and 34 computer mice.” — Amber Moosman, Troup County Schools
  • “My speech/language therapy materials that were purchased through the PAGE Educator Grant will be used to further enhance each student’s ability in meeting his/her communication goals and objectives.” — Vilencia Leslie, Burke County Schools

Ready to apply for a PAGE Educator Grant*? Click here.

Applications open now through Sunday, Jan. 30.

Questions? Email us at grants@pageinc.org.

* Full details, guidelines, and contact information outlined in the application. By clicking on the link, you’ll be routed to a validation page where you will submit your name and either PAGE membership number or SSN prior to accessing the application.