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GAD Coaches' Manual
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Recently updated pages are marked with an (*).


Cover Page 
p. i Table of Contents 
p. iii How to Use This Manual 

Contact Information

p. 1 Advisory Board  
p. 2 Competition Coordinators 

Names and Dates

p. 3 Names and Addresses  
p. 4 Competition Dates  
p. 5 Calendar 

Background Information

p. 6 GAD History  
p. 7 How the Decathlon Works 
p. 8 To the AD Coach


p. 9 School District or School Registration 
p. 10 Sample Registration Form 

Team Eligibility

p. 11 Team Selection
p. 13 Team Eligibility 
p. 17a Examples of Courses for GPA Computation

GPA Interactive Excel Spreadsheet (save to computer - Instructions on 1st tab)
p. 18 Request for Student Replacement 

Study Strategies

p. 19 Academic Elective Course  *Updated
p. 21 Study Strategies
p. 22a Additional Study Strategies

District Competition

p. 23 Conducting a District-level AD Program 


p. 24a Testing
p. 25 Tests to Order
p. 26 Test Request Form 
p. 27 Guidelines for District-level Testing 
p. 28 USAD Calculator Policy  
p. 29 Testing Scantron


p. 30 Essay 
p. 32 Judging Essay
p. 33 Essay Scantron
p. 34 Essay Rubric Domains
p. 35 Essay Practice Prompts


p. 36 Interview
p. 37 How Interview is Judged
p. 39 Interview - Sample Topics
p. 40 Tips for Constructing a Resume
p. 41 Interview - Sample Resumes 
p. 43 Interview -Sample Schedule 
p. 44 Interview Scantron


p. 45 Speech
p. 46 Prepared Speech
p. 48 Speech - Coaching Tips
p. 50 Speech Descriptors
p. 51 Impromptu Preparation
p. 54 Speech "Toastmasters" Tips
p. 55 Speech Evaluation Form
p. 56 Timing Cards
p. 59 Sample Speech Schedule 

Showcase Speeches

Super Quiz

p. 60 Super Quiz - Oral Relay 
p. 61 Super Quiz - Scoring 


p. 62 Explanation of Scoring 
p. 63 Scoring Tips
p. 64 Division Groupings
p. 65 Wild Card Invitational 
p. 66 Wild Card-Directions for Calculating Scores  
p. 69 Wild Card-Sample Score Sheets 
Wild Card Self-calculating Excel Spreadsheet

State Competition Sample Documents

Pages in this section are samples only.  Please use the updated pages found in the Forms and State Competition Registration Packet sections of the website.


p. 71 Teams Advancing to State Competition *
p. 72a Code of Student Conduct 
p. 72b Dress Code
p. 73 General Rules 
p. 74 State Competition - Identification Numbers 
p. 75 Volunteer Form (online)
p. 78a Intent to Participate  
p. 78b Preliminary Team Roster  
p. 79 Return Cover Sheet  
p. 80 Directions 
p. 81 Competition Schedule  
p. 82 Berkmar Campus Map
p. 83 Coach's Agreement  
p. 84 Team Registration  
p. 85 Request for Special Assistance 
p. 86 Student Registration  
p. 87 GPA Computation  
p. 88 Awards Banquet Reservations  (NEW - only one banquet form)
p. 90 Hotel Room Registration Information 
p. 91 Hotel Rooming List  
p. 92 Media Information  
p. 93 Request for Student Replacement 
p. 94 Essay Practice Prompts
p. 95a Sample Resumes  
p. 96 Sample Speech Schedule
p. 97 Sample Interview Schedule
p. 98 T-Shirt Request Form 


GAD Honor Cord Order Form

USAD Curriculum and Content Standards

USAD Curriculum and Content Standards - Summary

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