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Legislative - Candidate Questionaire (2010) - Questions Governor
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Candidate Questionnaire (2010)

Questions for Gubernatorial Candidates 

(Please keep answers brief and responsive.)
1. When the state’s economy begins to improve and tax revenues grow, what will be your priorities for restoring funds that have been cut from public education during the past eight years, and particularly in the past three years? Specifically address the importance of the following:
  • Ending furloughs
  • Reducing class sizes
  • Restoring funding to local school systems under QBE

2. With which of these statements do you most agree?

a)      I am opposed to using public funds to finance private education through vouchers.
b)      While I support the concept of vouchers, I will not support using any public funds for vouchers until ALL funding cut from public schools over the past eight years has been restored.
c)      I strongly support vouchers and will attempt to increase the number of students who receive vouchers for public or private schools.
3. Do you favor keeping the current Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) defined benefit plan for all past, current and future K-12 teachers? If not, what changes do you believe need to be made?
4. Do you favor using Teacher Retirement System (TRS) funds for venture capital investments? Explain briefly.
5. Explain your position on state funding to encourage teachers to seek National Board Certification. Do you support providing the full 10 percent salary supplement as originally promised to teachers who received National Board Certification?
6. What are your views on updating QBE as the state’s method of funding public education for the 21st Century?
7. What are your views on the lawsuit being brought against the state by several rural school systems claiming that the state is not providing adequate funding for public education?
8. Explain your views regarding the roles of the state and local governments in public education.
9. Do you believe the position of state school superintendent should be an elective or appointed (by the governor) position?
10. Do you agree with the basic premise of the federal "No Child Left Behind Act" that schools should be held accountable for results and failing schools should be reconstituted?
11. If elected, how do you plan to improve public education in Georgia over the next four years? Would you consider finding new revenue sources for public education if current revenue sources fail to grow sufficiently to fund basic education programs?

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