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Legislative Action Alert!

STOP Senate Bill 90

(Posted March 6, 2009) - SB 90, legislation which would allow every Georgia public school student to attend private school using a voucher, recently passed the Senate Education and Youth Committee. The bill is in the Senate Rules Committee awaiting placement on the Senate voting calendar.

Immediate action is needed to stop this harmful legislation.

PAGE is unalterably opposed to vouchers as extremely harmful to public education and likely harmful to private education as well. We fail to see how taking students and resources away from public schools will lead to their improvement. Given the economic crisis public schools are facing it is unconscionable to seriously consider a voucher proposal such as this. PAGE remains opposed to use of public funds for private education, which this legislation calls for.  We would prefer that the state return to its efforts on improving public education, which affects more than 1.6 million students, rather than focusing on  funding programs that at most will only affect a relatively few students. While this legislation may be a sincere effort to help those students who are not succeeding in public schools, we believe that the solution lies in improving the schools rather than abandoning them. For schools that are not succeeding there are a series of increasingly severe interventions which include changes in staffing, changes in leadership and takeover by the state. These sanctions are serious and when warranted are, in our view, a solution that addressed the root problem. We prefer to look for solutions within the framework of public education. One thing we all need to agree on is that no scholarship or voucher program should result in a loss of funds to public schools.

Please contact your state Senator today and ask your Senator to vote against SB 90. Please note that you should not email your Senator from your school email address or email your Senator during school hours.  Click on your senator's name below will take you directly to your senator's home page where you can determine appropriate contact information.

Adelman, David (Democrat) 42
Balfour, Don (Republican) 9
Brown, Robert (Democrat) 26
Buckner, Gail (Democrat) 44
Bulloch, John (Republican) 11
Butler, Gloria S. (Democrat) 55
Butterworth, Jim (Republican) 50
Chance, Ronnie (Republican) 16
Chapman, Jeff (Republican) 3
Cowsert, Bill (Republican) 46
Crosby, John (Republican) 13
Douglas, John (Republican) 17
Fort, Vincent (Democrat) 39
Goggans, Greg (Republican) 7
Golden, Tim (Democrat) 8
Grant, Johnny (Republican) 25
Hamrick, Bill (Republican) 30
Harbison, Ed (Democrat) 15
Harp, Seth (Republican) 29
Hawkins, Lee (Republican) 49
Heath, Bill (Republican) 31
Henson, Steve (Democrat) 41
Hill, Jack (Republican) 4
Hill, Judson (Republican) 32
Hooks, George (Democrat) 14
Hudgens, Ralph T (Republican) 47
Jackson, Bill (Republican) 24
Jackson, Lester G. (Democrat) 2
Johnson, Eric (Republican) 1
Jones, Emanuel (Democrat) 10
Moody, Dan (Republican) 56
Mullis, Jeff (Republican) 53
Murphy, Jack (Republican) 27
Orrock, Nan (Democrat) 36
Pearson, Chip (Republican) 51
Powell, J. B. (Democrat) 23
Ramsey, Sr., Ronald (Democrat) 43
Reed, Kasim (Democrat) 35
Rogers, Chip (Republican) 21
Seabaugh, Mitch (Republican) 28
Seay, Valencia (Democrat) 34
Shafer, David (Republican) 48
Sims, Freddie (Democrat) 12
Smith, Preston W. (Republican) 52
Staton, Cecil (Republican) 18
Stoner, Doug (Democrat) 6
Tarver, Ed (Democrat) 22
Tate, Horacena (Democrat) 38
Thomas, Don (Republican) 54
Thompson, Curt (Democrat) 5
Thompson, Steve (Democrat) 33
Tolleson, Ross (Republican) 20
Unterman, Renee S (Republican) 45
Weber, Dan (Republican) 40
Wiles, John J. (Republican) 37
Williams, Tommie (Republican) 19



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