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PAGE ONE Magazine Archives

The bi-monthly publications of PAGE ONE Magazine are arranged by school year below.

e-Zine Editions

  • May-June 2014: Edition Feature: Later-Career Educators: The Positive Influence of Hard-Earned Knowledge; Professional Learning: Teacher Leaders Explore 'Minds On' Engagement; Legislative: Bills that Did Not Pass; Legal: Student's Free Speech Is Balanced Against the Authority to Maintain Order; Teaching Introverts: Allowing for Solitude and Contemplation Helps Sensory-Charged Students Shine; Technology in the Classroom; Foundation: 2014 State PAGE STAR Students and Teachers; Georgia Academic Decathlon
  • March-April 2014 (Feature: STEM: Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; Legislative: PAGE Day On Capitol Hill; Legal: Disciplinary Policy for Students Committing Violent Acts; PL: PAGE Principal Leadership Network
  • January-February 2014 (Feature: Sonoraville Processes Tornado's Hard and Fast Lessons; Legislative: 2014 Session Special Report)
  • October-November 2013 (Feature: Coffee and Camden: Civic Partnerships and Technology...; Legal: Georgia Law Requires ...Safety PlanPL:  Citizen by Citizen: A Blueprint for Starting...Community Conversations   
  • August-September 2013 (Feature: Schools Are Everyone's Business;  Legal: The New TKES System Evaluates Teachers Based on 10 Detailed CriteriaPL: Foundation Items)
  • May-June, 2013 (Feature: The Seeing Is Believing Tour Showcases Schools; Legal: Advice for the SummerPL:  Three Actions to Upgrade Curriculum, Assessment and Standards
  • March-April, 2013 (Feature: Education's Biggest Challenge: Fighting the Efects of Poverty; Legal: The Garrity Rule; PLBuilding a Better Future 
  • January-February, 2013 (Feature: A School Without Books?; Legal: What an Educator Should Know and Consider When Making a Decision Regarding For-profit Educator Preparation Programs; PL: Conversations and Clear Expectations Improve Performance and Relationships)
  • November-December, 2012 (Feature:  Student Surveys:  Helpful or Harmful?;  Legal:  Contracts;  PL:  Reframing Accountability as a Strategy to Save Public Education 
  • September-October, 2012(Feature: High Stakes or High Jinks;  Legal: Working After Retirement and the Sunset of Georgia's Full-time Return to Work Law;  PL:  2012 PAGE Summer Conference
  • May June, 2012 (Feature: Year One of Race to the Top: What Was Accomplished? What Lies Ahead; Legal: PAGE Legislative Summary; PL: Current Resources on Race to the Top
  • March-April 2012 (Feature: Goals and Challenges for PrincipalsLegal:  School BullyingPL:  What Makes the Brain "Pay Attention?"
  • January-February 2012 (Feature: Six Outstanding Teachers Quietly Making Making a Difference; Legal: Duties and Responsibilities Regarding Child Abuse; PL: The New Face of the PAGE Teacher Academy)
  • November-December 2011 (Feature: What Makes a "Good" School?; Legal: Class Size Expansion; PL: All I Really Need to Know About Professional Learning I Learned in Georgia)
  • September-October 2011 (Feature: An Interview with State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge; Legal: Common Cases Related to Code of Ethics; PL: 2011 Summer Conference Breaks all Records)
  • May-June 2011 (Feature: An Interview with Governor Nathan Deal; Legal: 2011 Legislative Report; PL: To Listen, To Learn, To Be a Teacher)
  • March-April 2011 (Feature: The Art(s) of Teaching and Learning; Legal: Know Your Contract; PL: Teaching - A Team Approach)
  • January-February 2011 (Feature: How Budget "Adjustments" Are Affecting Georgia's Schools; Legal: Administration of Georgia's Student Assessment Program, PL: Engagement at Work)
  • November-December 2010 (Feature: Race to the Top: What is it and What Does it Mean for Georgia Teachers?; Legal: Avoiding Testing Violations; PL: Coaching Colleagues for Success)
  • September-October 2010 (Feature: Candidates Respond to PAGE Questions; Legal: Certification Requirements; PL: Six Simple Steps to Better Teaching - Today!)
  • May-June 2010 (Feature: WOWing Them at Shaw; Legal: 2010 Legislative Report; PL: MSRs - What They Mean to You)
  • March-April 2010 (Feature: Are Georgia Schools Making the Most of Technology?; Legal: Reporting Child Abuse; PL: The On-the-Job Learning od a Teacher of the Year)
  • January-February 2010 (Feature: 25 Years After QBE - How Strong is Support for Public Education?; Legal: Knowing Your Rights; PL: Customer Input Through Focus Groups)
  • November-December 2009 (FeatureThe People Who Make it Possible for Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn; Legal: Educators and the Americans with Disabilities Act; PL: Not All Standards are Created Equal))
  • September-October 2009 (Feature: Woodville Tompkins Means Business; Legal: New Code of Ethics; PL: Response to Intervention)
  • May-June, 2009 (Feature: Staying Focused During Tough Economic Times; Legal: 2009 Legislative Report; PL: The Art & Science of Designing Engaging Work)
  • March-April, 2009 (Feature: Media Centers - Libraries of the Internet Age; LegalWhat Are My Rights in a RIF Situation?; PL: Entering the 21st Century - How to Teach Students Who Don't Look Like You?)
  • January-February, 2009 (Feature: Big Challenges for Public Education; Legal: The Internet - Ethics and Policy; PL: A Discussion on School Improvement with Phillip Schlechtey)
  • November-December 2008 (Feature: School Leaders Needed, and That Means You; Legal: New Return to Work Legislation for TRS Retirees; PL: Supporting Success for All Learners - RTI and Differentiation)
  • September-October 2008 (Feature: Wanted, More Than Just a Few Good Men; Legal: Demotions; PL: Inclusion on My Mind)
  • May-June, 2008 (Feature: New Views on Education Under the Gold Dome; Legal: 2008 Legislative Report; PL: The Starving Baker)


NOTE: All editions below are in "pdf" format only

  • March-April, 2008 (Feature: A Half Century of STARs; Legal: Professional Ethics in Assessment; PL: Update on Curriculum)
  • January-February, 2008 (Feature: Nation's Number One Principal; Legal: What if You Become Disabled?; PL: The Bright Future of Foreign Language)
  • November-December, 2007 (Feature: Who Say's There's No Time for Creativity?; Legal: Creditable TRS Service for Unused Sick Leave; PL: Preparing Students for the Next Decade)
  • September-October, 2007 (Feature: A New Year Bring Challenges and Opportunities for Georgia Teachers; Legal: Reporting Child Abuse; PL: Classrooms of the Future)
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